Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Toohig Tidbits

Gwen Stefani came on a show we were watching, and HG asked me how old she was. I told her I thought she was probably early to mid 40s, and HG said, “She looks good for being in her 40s.” Ouch, she has a high standard!

I was watching “Friends” on tv, and HG asked, “Is that one of your shows from the 80s??”

HG got in the car with Spiffer one day after school and showed her the book she had checked out from the library. “It’s about Emma Stone!” When Spiffer asked who that was, she said, “She’s BFF with Tay Tay, Spiffer!” (That’s Taylor Swift, by the way.)

HG calls the family that lives directly across the street from us our “front door neighbors.”

I’ve loved hearing HG talk to Cressey while riding side by side in the backseat. On the way to the barn on May 6th (Cressey’s first time there), I heard HG tell Cressey, “I love you!” On Mother’s Day, I heard HG say, “Hi, beautiful,” to Cressey. Another time, HG told her, “I’m here, beautiful!”

HG and John are in a competition to see what word Cressey will say first- “Dada” or “Sissy.”

On May 4th (Wed), Spiffer treated me to a few hours on my own while she kept Cressey, so I treated HG to an afternoon with mama (after I had Swanky’s for lunch with an old friend and then met my coworkers for a pedi- whoop whoop!). I picked HG up from school and let her choose what to do. She wanted to paint pottery, and since we zoomed through that, we stopped by the OB park for a bit on the way home. In the car, we rocked out to Meghan Trainor’s “No” and Shawn Mendes’ “Stitches,” with the windows down of course. (HG is a huge Top 40 fan and will burst out with lyrics that I don’t even know.) As we walked up to the playground, HG grabbed my hand and said, “This has been such a fun afternoon, Mama!” Mission accomplished!

John and I celebrated our TEN YEAR wedding anniversary on May 6th. GD and Spiffer babysat Cressey and HG spent the night at Grandma’s while John and I had a special dinner at Mesquite Chophouse. It was nice to have a focused, grown up conversation on our own timetable! No bouncing babies or negotiating how many more bites! We thought about taking a nice trip this past winter to celebrate, but we (or I) decided to wait until after baby arrived so that we could both have some cocktails and that the Zika virus might have cleared by then. We enjoyed our low key celebration, and we are so thankful for all the blessings we’ve received over the past 10 years!

2016-04-26 16.45.54
Sissy giving Cress a bath
2016-04-26 17.18.35
2016-04-26 19.21.13
First time Cressey and I left the house by ourselves (April 27th)- we drove through Chick-fil-A
2016-04-27 11.52.54
2016-04-28 19.34.23-2
Rachel gave Shopkins to HG’s class for her star of the week gift.
2016-04-29 13.48.58
2016-04-29 14.07.12
2016-04-29 14.16.43
2016-04-29 15.24.42
2016-04-29 15.24.57
2016-04-29 16.21.27
2016-04-29 18.07.54-2
We had a great family dinner at our house while Edie and Gene were in town (April 30th).
2016-04-30 10.24.02
HG is HUGE into Legos right now and actually prefers to create her own projects rather than build the Lego sets. Uncle Gene enjoyed being creative with her.
2016-04-30 11.02.35
2016-04-30 11.05.17
HG discovered and latched on to Uno at the end of our family dinner.
2016-04-30 20.25.50
Isn’t this just the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen?!
2016-04-30 21.30.27
2016-04-30 22.09.22
2016-04-30 22.09.31
2016-05-01 16.17.08
2016-05-01 16.39.17
HG made this card to help Cressey learn how to read.
2016-05-01 16.50.38
Really starting to hold on to things now.
2016-05-01 19.25.07
What our mornings look like
2016-05-02 06.21.39
2016-05-02 06.45.44
Having a good chin wag with Bubba
2016-05-02 12.17.03
2016-05-02 12.20.08
2016-05-02 14.35.30
HG came home with these awards from school. We told her of all the awards we would want her to get, we’d want it to be the KIND one! So proud of her!
2016-05-03 06.47.39
2016-05-04 06.53.27
2016-05-04 07.45.36
2016-05-04 09.36.34
2016-05-05 09.54.02
My spot on the couch is getting pretty crowded. Poor Momo is desperate for some loving.
 2016-05-05 13.48.50
2016-05-05 16.44.27-2
2016-05-05 17.19.50
There’s a battle over Mama’s lap some days.
2016-05-05 18.26.08
2016-05-05 20.30.28
Holding her own baba like a big girl
2016-05-06 02.13.55
She’s a boss
2016-05-06 10.07.39
First time to the barn with sissy
2016-05-06 17.20.56
2016-05-06 18.04.33
2016-05-06 18.23.00
She stayed awake for the first part inside the barn, but by the time HG walked outside to practice in the ring, Cressey was over it.
2016-05-06 18.23.16

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