Sunday, September 16, 2018

Cray Cray for Tay Tay

Last December, news broke that Taylor Swift was coming to Nashville this summer, and I knew that Helen Grace just had to be there. She’s been dying to go to a real concert, and this seemed like the right time and opportunity. She knows the words to pretty much every Taylor song, and she constantly requests her songs and videos. A bunch of SAA moms all were waiting online to get tickets when they went on sale, and then we rented a house together for the weekend.

We surprised her with the tickets for Christmas, so she’s been very patiently waiting for a very long time. August 25th finally arrived! We headed to Nashville Friday afternoon, found a good playground to let them run out some energy, and then all got in our pjs and enjoyed a cozy night. Saturday, we went to the farmers market and then the Gulch, looking for a cool place to eat lunch. There were a record number of people in town that weekend for several concerts, so after hours of searching, we all split up and found a local dive with a short wait wherever we could. Soon it was time to start getting ready, and the girls looked so cute in their matching tanks but with their own personality added. The last touch before we ran out the door- red lipstick to be like Taylor! Geez, it aged all of them by several years!

Each family sat separately, and we met the Words at our seats for the show. Camila Cabello and Charlie XCX opened for her. When the music and the lights all came up, HG was a little stunned and overwhelmed by the noise, but she quickly adjusted. When Taylor hit the stage, she went wild. It was all that I had dreamed it would be. We danced and sang all night long as I helped her balance precariously on our chairs so she could see. Taylor put on the best show with fireworks, HUGE screens, lots of moving stages and props, confetti, beautiful costumes, non-stop dancing, etc. By 10:30 or so though, HG had danced her heart out and started to fade. Luckily, we didn’t have much left of the show, and we stayed til the bitter end, even seeing a surprise appearance by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. I may or may not have thrown HG out of my lap when they popped out of the stage… (All the while HG is like, ‘Who are these people?!’) We dragged ourselves to our group’s car that we had parked nearby earlier, and we all soon collapsed into bed.

What a wonderful ‘first’ experience with my firstborn! I was so thankful to have been able to share that special girl time together! (And a BIG thanks to daddy and grandparents for holding down the fort at home)

2018-08-24 21.37.13

2018-08-25 09.37.48

Farmers’ market

2018-08-25 11.37.24

2018-08-25 11.41.50

2018-08-25 12.00.37

2018-08-25 12.02.16 HDR

The look of pure exhaustion after looking for a lunch place for hours

2018-08-25 12.51.17

2018-08-25 23.26.51

2018-08-25 23.26.58

2018-08-25 23.27.02

2018-08-25 17.59.10 HDR

2018-08-25 18.01.15

2018-08-25 18.03.18-1

2018-08-25 19.52.28

2018-08-25 20.29.26

2018-08-26 00.41.37

2018-08-26 00.41.41

2018-08-25 20.58.57-1

2018-08-25 21.02.56

2018-08-25 21.10.25

2018-08-25 21.41.57

2018-08-25 21.43.13

2018-08-25 21.43.21

2018-08-25 21.43.56

2018-08-25 21.48.34

2018-08-25 22.14.19

2018-08-25 22.37.37

2018-08-25 22.54.32

Back to School

August 6th:  Cressey ended her Young 2s year with Mullins and her wonderful teachers. She got so attached that it was hard for all of them to say goodbye. Fortunately, she will be back at Mullins one day this year and has Ms. Micah again!
2018-08-06 09.03.54
2018-08-06 14.05.38
August 8th:  Back to school night at SAA for both girls. Cress will be in the PK2 program two days a week, and HG will be starting 4th grade. Cressey was MAD about putting on her shoes, and it took us a while to get across the street and happy.
2018-08-13 16.27.26
Trying out sissy’s new seat in her new classroom
2018-08-13 16.38.28
Sissy got her locker situated.
2018-08-13 16.58.10
Warming up a bit and heading to see her classroom. While we were walking across campus from HG’s classroom to Cressey’s, I stopped to talk to a teacher that had HG in camp this summer. After a minute or two, Cress tugged my hand and said, “No talk!!” She was ready to see her part of school.
2018-08-13 17.05.58
Showing Mia the fish tank
2018-08-13 17.06.57
Each morning, Cressey has to find the owl with her name on it and “fly” it into her classroom, which greatly eases the transition. She thought that was so cool.
2018-08-13 17.08.51
Looks like the night was a success!
2018-08-13 18.46.44-1
August 15th:  A new year at Mullins in the 2K room started, and Cress was just NOT feeling the need to get dressed, put on shoes, or leave the house. It was rough. I got her there and asked Micah to try to get some ‘first day’ pics. She wasn’t successful either, but Cress did go in the room without too many tears.
2018-08-15 08.39.57
2018-08-15 09.36.28
2018-08-15 14.07.49-1
2018-08-15 14.10.07
2018-08-15 18.29.59
Later that night, we tried to get Cressey’s uniform on her for a trial run. Even with HG and me both attempting to drag it over her head, she put up QUITE a fight. Whew.
2018-08-15 18.30.04
She needed some cuddle time with Daddy after HG and I were such traitors/ meanies.
2018-08-15 18.49.40
Happy by bedtime. She’s got quite the posse of “friends” these days.
2018-08-16 07.01.52
August 16th:  Helen Grace started fourth grade with a half day. Btw, she was VERY resistant to pictures.
2018-08-16 07.35.51-2
2018-08-16 08.06.25
2018-08-16 08.07.37
2018-08-16 08.08.28-1-1
2018-08-16 08.19.42
We had to bribe Cressey to be pleasant by promising a stop by the playground after we dropped HG off at her classroom.
2018-08-16 08.23.21
HG wanted Cressey to feel comfortable with the drop off process, so she made an owl and a nest to practice at home. Adorable!
2018-08-16 09.40.19
Missed a pic of HG’s new saddle oxfords without scuffs, but here are her shoes and new backpack after a half day’s wear and tear.
2018-08-16 14.49.36
We stopped by to see Grandma after school.
2018-08-16 17.03.33
The night before Cressey’s first day at SAA
2018-08-16 19.39.33
Ready for her first full day
2018-08-16 20.24.40
August 17th:  Cressey is up and ready for her first day at SAA! She was there for half a day with half her class for a bit of orientation. HG had her first full day.
2018-08-17 06.33.00
I couldn’t get her socks or bloomers on first thing, and while she wasn’t thrilled about her uniform, HG and I didn’t have to hold her down this time to get it on her.
2018-08-17 07.22.10
2018-08-17 07.22.26 HDR
2018-08-17 07.28.12
They found a ladybug to check out and hold so that they could both tolerate a pic.
2018-08-17 07.29.46
Running down the hall to her classroom. She loves hopping on those colored shapes on the floor.
2018-08-17 08.04.15-1
Found her owl! It worked- she ran right in. But then she turned and noticed I wasn’t behind her. She ran back to the door and cried for me, but her teacher grabbed her and I quickly left. She calmed down pretty quickly, and a month later, she’s never shed another tear or even hesitated at drop off.
2018-08-17 08.04.36
At pick up, she was happy and smiling, but she kept saying, “Go, Mommy, I wanna go home.” Seemed to have a good day though.
2018-08-17 11.20.53
As we got in the car, she begged for a sucker, but I had to stop and buy one for her. She was thrilled but impatient to "wanna home" as I tried to check out.
2018-08-18 07.58.44
HG and her teacher, Ms. Christian
2018-08-17 15.44.13
Drop off on August 23rd:  Her teacher had to ask her to come back and give me a hug goodbye!
Pick up on August 30th