Thursday, September 3, 2020

Toohig Tidbits: August

I woke up in the middle of the night to Cressey asking me over the monitor, "Mama, what are the words to the Frozen song?"

Cressey to Spiffer: "I can run as fast as a shark. I can run faster than an old lady!"

We play Skittle in the car where you race to call out a color of a car that is a Skittle color. It gets pretty competitive. Out of nowhere, Cressey screamed, "Skittle green! BURN!!!" We have laughed so hard about it and will still call out Burnnnn!

In a store, I called out to Cressey, "Hey, sis!" She said, "You can call me Cressey if you want."

After school, Cress got in the car and said, "I'm tired of this virus. It's so hard."

Helen Grace is really into music. She told me on the way to school one morning that two songs of her childhood that stand out are "Wagon Wheel" by Darius Rucker and "Build Me Up Buttercup" by the Foundations.

I told Cressey that we were going to eat dinner, take a bath, and then get in bed quickly. She said, "That's not a very good plan."

Being the sensitive soul she is, Cressey can sometimes get her feelings hurt when you give her direction or correct something she's doing, even if it's said nicely. HG was alongside one day when I corrected Cressey, and I heard her comforting Cress by saying, "Cressey, Mama's not fussing at you; it's Mama and Daddy's job to teach us things." It's nice to hear her repeat things that we've tried to instill over the years.

SAA has some MASSIVE speed bumps in their front drive, and when I was pregnant, I'd always laugh and say that I was trying hard not to have Cressey as we drove over them. At least once every week or two, HG recalls that and we laugh as we drive into school.

Cressey has a new catch phrase, "What the HEEEECK?" Ugh.

She took her right earring out for the first time.

Fun playtime with the Ducks

I don't think she knows what this caption means, but she sure liked those cherries.

We've missed our Muddy's cupcakes, so we ordered some from their kitchen and picked them up on a Friday afternoon. Delicious!

Momo always has to be in the middle of things!

Never know what Snapchat filter HG will find for...

Cressey is really into Minecraft like HG these days

Not sure that I would have ever expected a four year old to be in charge of putting on her permanent name stickers on her new school uniforms, but this little one will do it perfectly and precisely.

Sister fort fun

HG has put a pic of Cressey in this pose as a toddler on Cressey's iPad, and for some reason, Cress decided to recreate it and asked me to take a pic of her.

"Make me a dorito, Mama!" Took me a minute to figure that one out- a burrito! 

Mocha would eat every meal in my lap if I'd let him.

While I was bragging on HG's dog sitting (of Ana)'s abilities to a friend, she offered to give her some more practice by dog sitting her 8-week-old puppy later that week. Well, how can you say no to that? Meet Pico!

We had to say goodbye to SEB as she headed to college in Texas, complete in C's nightgown and munching on some pirate booty!

Where else would you put all of your stickers??

One last Duck playdate before back to school

Lookie, lookie, lookie!

In his old age, Momo seems to cuddle up with anyone that sits still for too long. 

His normal sleeping spot

This girl is a master puzzler

Everyone is here to help Daddy fix the ice machine!

Brunch with Brandy after her shift

Pool butterfly magic

Captive audience

I think they miss each other when they are at school!

Well, back to the homework grind!

Spiffer and Granddaddy's 48th anniversary!

First time that Cressey has had a friend along for a ride with us in the car! These two didn't stop giggling the whole time.

Painting pottery after school

Anniversary dinner

"Please help me, please"

Cressey's turn for show and tell!

Bedtime chaos thanks to Daddy

Spoiled much? Breakfast on the counter

He's lost his mind, and I've lost control

HG was being a huge help and offered to mop the floor, although she trapped Cressey up on the counter- lol!

More butterflies!

Learning her Toohig roots in Grandma's pub

"That is IGS-GUSTING!" (disgusting)

Watching some birds build a nest on our porch

SEB and her parents got the girls some new Texas shirts!

Her first school project- making a family crest (HG helped too!)

I tried a new hair do, a flip, on Cressey, and while she screamed like I was cutting her as I did it, she LOVED it when it was done. Just couldn't stop looking at herself in the mirror!

Singing to the birds

While I want to hurry them on to get dressed for school, I try to smile and watch these fun sister moments.

HG is so tall now that I can't see the top of her head, so this is how I have to do her hair...

More flip, more accessories

Driving home from school like if, "Officer, I promise this is NOT a real baby" (no, I didn't really get pulled over)

Cressey asked for a photo shoot on a casual Friday. She picked out her own outfit at Target and was so proud of it!

That was an assertive horsey!

That's a FROG in her hand!

HG came to me with this learning game for Cressey. (C is really interested in learning to read right now.) She found it on Amazon and asked if we could buy it. Well, we sure can, you little sweetheart!

Why not "starfish" in the middle of the kitchen floor while mama tries to cook breakfast?

I was in bed with a headache, but this support crew sure did keep me entertained.

A very small birthday party for our friend, Avery. I thought we'd never get these happy, sweaty girls out of there! They were so happy to run and play!

It's a happening Saturday night!

HG was pushing C around the kitchen in this bin, and they stopped to pose with funny faces for me.

Another puzzle done!

Their first time to get into the SAME MINECRAFT WORLD!!! We might never see them again.