Thursday, February 4, 2021

Toohig Tidbits: January

Cress will often play on her iPad in her bed on weekend mornings until the rest of the house wakes up. We've found HG in the den FaceTiming with Cress in her bed sometimes!

We've been working on getting Cressey to stop picking her nails. When I told her to stop picking them, she responded, "Mama, God didn't make me that way."

While John and I were out of town, Cress asked SEB to tell me, "I miss you too and I'm happy with you for being a good mom."

At bedtime one night, Cress said, "Thank you for buying me this bed when I was one. I really needed it."

When Cressey and I were building a Mini Brands store together, she told me, "It's ok if you mess up, Mama. Because God made you and he doesn't make mistakes." Dumbstruck, I asked her where she'd heard that. She said, "I learned it from you!" Well. Sometimes they DO listen!

HG told me, "You're a good mama because you laugh at our jokes!"

Cressey was playing with Bunny Monkey and set her on her knee. Then she swooned, "My heart is gonna break! It's almost gonna break! Bunny Monkey is sitting on my knee!"

"Stinking cute" has popped up in Cressey's vocab. 

Cressey pulled her second tooth (bottom center right from her perspective) on New Year's Day! We'd been begging her to let us pull it for days. She was playing in her bed that morning before the rest of us woke up, and she hollered at me through the monitor, "Mama, I pulled my tooth!" She ran down to show us, and then she went back upstairs to cuddle in her bed with her iPad. When HG woke up and I told her the news, she went storming upstairs to see for herself! We hadn't seen the big girl tooth growing in behind it, but once the baby tooth was out, we could see the big tooth coming on in from below. HG was so excited to "be a part of the excitement!"

Working on their Muddies project

Big week at school. She got to tell her teachers about losing her tooth when she went back on Tuesday and then Mama and Daddy were coming home from St. Lucia on Friday!

I sit, I fit

Here too

Guess who!

A LITTLE BIT OF SNOW!!! It didn't stick to the ground in our neck of the woods but was pretty on all the plants and houses. When I picked up Cressey from school and was buckling her in her car seat in the snow flurries, she stuck her head out of the car and said, "Thank you, God, for snow!"

She's really been encouraging me to cook and helping me out!

This cat will just sit in front of the fireplace and look at you until you turn it on.

While this looks really sweet, it was actually just a turf war!

Look at this note that HG left in Cressey's lunchbox!!

A rare moment of sweetness captured

This cat is so clingy

When I was little and my daddy was on hair duty in the mornings, I gave him SO MUCH GRIEF over having bumps in my ponytails. John came downstairs this day and caught a moment where I was reaping ALL THE KARMA back to me as HG complained about her hair. I'm so sorry, Deedy!

She's mastered this thing, even while playing on her iPad while she rides!

This school year, they've asked parents to pick up each child at their own school as to not contaminate buildings and kiddos. But in January, we are now allowed to pick up in ONE PLACE! I was so emotional seeing both of my girls on the SAA lower school front porch!! 

Her teacher's puppy was sick, so she asked to go shopping for toys for him. Her teacher was so touched and sent me this pic. She said, "HG is love personified."

And the little ones finally got to travel to the library for the first time this school year too!

And they got to go to chapel in person too!

Piggyback time!

Penguin day for JK! There was a WHOLE lotta waddling going on.

Sliding on their tummies like penguins

Feeling how blubber would keep their hands warm in ice

Thumbs up for a Friday afternoon milkshake

HG came down with strep on a Thursday afternoon, so she spent a lot of time on a pallet in front of the fire, feeling kinda puny.

Cressey asked me to rock her like a baby before bed. I was shocked but happy to indulge!

Sister helping Cress get dressed


Tea time

Poor sis gets hit with the SnapChat filter

This adds a new dimension to "Mask up, Memphis!" Not quite what they were meaning, I don't think....

Brandy came over one morning after work

A VERY RARE Sunday nap for all of us four

This hasn't happened in so long that I worried she was sick

It's only 47 days until spring break, but Cressey is packed!

All because we made her try a bite of cheese toast...

If you wondered what was in her bag...

Cressey was so sad about leaving the kitties for spring break (in March) that GD helped us set up a kitty cam so we can watch them while we are gone.

A Christmas gift- HG painted the tree, C painted the stripes

I never eat a meal alone

When the girls turn on their galaxy lights upstairs, it also turns on or off the cabinet lights downstairs. Cress and I were in her bed playing with her lights one night, and HG came (sillily) huffing and puffing upstairs screaming, "PLEASE quit hitting that button! The lights are driving me CRAZY!" Cressey and I couldn't quit giggling!

Cressey's 100th day of JK

Little sister barn fun

"Horsey" likes to run the course

Those fake flowers smell so nice...and the view from behind was...well...a lot of 'behind!'

Playtime with Julia, a new classmate

Sissy had some friends sleepover, so Cress and Mama had a sleepover too!

I am SO THANKFUL that we made the living room a more casual and useable tv room during quarantine because these girls could camp out in here while the rest of us entertained ourselves in the den.

But once the friends went home, Cressey took over! You'd never believe how long the girls could entertain themselves with a blow up mattress.

Cress just leaned over with a flurry of kisses!!