Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day becomes even more special when your child is old enough to make presents and answer funny/sweet questionnaires for you. All week, HG kept telling me that she wasn’t doing a thing for me for Mother’s Day, all the while with a twinkle in her eye. On Friday, she came home and proudly gave me these heartfelt creations. Precious!
2016-05-06 20.09.11
2016-05-06 20.09.21
2016-05-06 20.09.51

On Mother’s Day morning (May 8th), we all met for brunch at AC’s in Hernando, which used to be Timbeaux’s where we had our rehearsal dinner almost exactly 10 years ago. With the measles outbreak that we are having in the Memphis area, Cressey stayed in her carrier the whole time, and thankfully, she happily slept. We enjoyed all being together to celebrate the amazing mamas in our family!
Now that HG has her two front teeth back, she can eat corn on the cob!
2016-05-08 12.03.22
2016-05-08 12.03.26
{2010: Helen Grace’s first Mother’s Day}
{back to 2016 and Cressey’s first Mother’s Day}
2016-05-08 12.15.41
HG was happy to entertain Cressey when she did open her eyes for a few minutes.
2016-05-08 12.27.28
2016-05-08 12.42.58
After lunch, HG went over to the Browns’ (CB is a saint for this entertainment), John went to Kroger, and Cressey and I took a short nap and then got her newborn handprints done.
2016-05-08 15.45.53
2016-05-08 15.50.29
2016-05-08 15.57.09
2016-05-08 16.08.27
To end the day, HG requested a picnic for dinner, so this was Cressey’s first time to picnic with us on the patio. She enjoyed watching the ponytail that HG turned into a baby mobile on her car seat.
2016-05-08 17.59.08

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