Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Birthday, John!

John’s birthday, April 18th, fell on a Sunday this year, so we invited the Moores, Toohigs, and Browns over for BBQ and ice cream birthday cake. The Browns gave John some awesome Ole Miss corn hole boards, so everyone had a good time playing with those while the kids played on the swing set and rode the scooter around the kitchen. Cressey and Ryan got to know each other better, at least for the five minutes that Cressey was awake! We are so lucky to have John as our hubby and daddy, and we are looking forward to another fun, funny, and fabulous year together!

Lil meets Cressey

2016-04-17 16.49.45

2016-04-17 16.50.26

2016-04-17 16.51.12 HDR-2

2016-04-17 16.57.52-1

2016-04-17 17.13.37-2

2016-04-17 17.24.45

2016-04-17 17.35.06

2016-04-17 18.18.11

2016-04-17 18.19.03

2016-04-17 18.19.08-1

2016-04-17 18.19.10

2016-04-17 18.26.56

I finally put on ‘real’ clothes (and make up!) that day and was determined to take a picture that night. At the end of the night as HG was about to get in the bathtub, I realized I hadn’t taken the photo I had hoped for, so we grabbed the kids and asked Granddaddy to snap an action shot really quick! Here’s our new normal!

2016-04-17 19.06.47-2

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