Friday, April 29, 2016

Cressey: One, Two, Three Weeks

One week old:  April 15, 2016
Two weeks old:  April 22, 2016
Three weeks old:  April 29, 2016
Cressey lost her belly button on April 25th. I noticed it was gone while sitting on the couch with Helen Grace and panicked when I couldn't find it. Luckily, HG got down on her hands and knees and found it under the couch. By the end of her third week, Cressey's eyes seem to be very blue so far, and she loves to be warm and snuggled up (and will sleep a lot better that way). Because she has to be in order to be heard over her sister, she is quite vocal and makes noises even in her sleep. In the last week, she has really started to hold her head up which can almost throw her off your shoulder as it can take you by surprise. Also, she is staying alert more during the day, and she'll give you quite the lookover with those big baby blues!

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