Monday, November 9, 2015

Toohig Tidbits: Halloween Warm-Up

More horse artwork2015-10-25 16.33.01Too tired to get dressed2015-10-27 07.03.18Daddy took her to school on a casual day- wacky pj day- and they stopped for a yummy donut!2015-10-29 06.42.02

They had their Halloween class party that afternoon, Oct 29th, and had an afternoon full of crafts and tasty sweets.

2015-10-29 14.19.142015-10-29 14.20.382015-10-29 14.26.272015-10-29 14.26.542015-10-30 05.43.522015-10-30 05.44.292015-10-30 05.44.34This cat doesn’t let anyone else do this to him.2015-10-30 07.04.28On Friday the 30th, the girls were so excited to celebrate Maddie’s birthday at the corn maze.2015-10-30 15.24.422015-10-30 15.37.59
That night, we came home with sushi, and HG and John carved a pumpkin.2015-10-30 18.53.132015-10-30 19.56.522015-10-30 20.11.182015-10-30 20.20.152015-10-30 20.27.302015-10-30 20.36.182015-10-30 20.38.28-1

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