Tuesday, August 20, 2013


As we were playing with her Prince Charming and Cinderella, she (as the Cinderella) told him, “Prince, you never want to be a girl. Princesses have to wear necklaces and crowns and dresses.”

“I would never trade you because you are the funnest mama!”

“I miss Bailey (from Maples), but I know she’s in my heart.”

HG has figured out from my reaction to her 'tude-filled "what-ever" that she can change it quickly into a polite "whatever you want, mommy. Whatever you say." Master politician at the delicate age of four.

As I’ve been looking for healthy, quick dinner ideas, I’ve found tilapia as a yummy, easy option, and HG has discovered that she loves it. As in…she eats a whole fillet on her own and then begs for more. And this is a seasoned piece. I’m so impressed! Maybe she just likes to shake it all on there. Whatever works.

She tells me a lot, “We make a good team.”

Please, no one tell her that a “mouse nap” is really a “cat nap.” It is the most adorable thing, although it took me several days to figure out what she’s talking about.

Speaking of ‘nap,’ we’ve realized she can now spell the word, so when we say over her head, “It’s n-a-p time,” she’ll say, “No, it’s not my nap time!”

“I get the message!!”

“It’s crazy in this world, isn’t it?”

“Grandma, I don’t like your attitude.”

When you tell her she can’t do something, she responds, “I’m not giving up.”

A little friend of ours was having a meltdown and begging for a treat, and his parents were just trying to get him out of there and promising to get it for him later. HG looked at John and me and said, “I don’t think he deserves that.” Think she’s heard that before?

When John and I are being silly, we will belt out that song, “All By Myself,” and we have been astounded that HG has picked up on it and will do it herself now. She’s quite the comedian, with good timing even!

Another thing she’s picked up from us…when we give her a kiss and don’t quite touch her lips, she’ll say, “I need content (contact)!!!”

She does that “I’m watching you” motion where you point to your eyes and then to her eyes. She’s surely seen that move before!

Granddaddy to the rescue when her mermaid bracelet fell through the deck floor.2013-08-02 17.08.44Watching intently to make up lessons from Spiffer.20130804_113148 Pool time with neighbors- Addison, Sallie Key, Mariella, HGpool girls2 A bubble crown and dress2013-08-04 19.54.28Emsley and Amy came through town, and we were able to get together for dinner. These kids ran around like crazy, and HG was a hot, sweaty, and happy mess by the end of the night!IMG_4599Second soccer practice, thanks to grandparents. (John and I were at Meet the Teacher night) I wish I could have seen Spiffer/GD putting on shin guards!P1040394 Third soccer practice. She was so tired that morning, but she kept going back out there. Not a quitter. I was so proud.2013-08-17 12.42.30 We have Chick-fil-A. They had a petting zoo on kids-eat-free night last week. How cool!1175099_400829406685732_1117728900_n P1040400 P1040405 It’s a Barbie Jeep party at our place! Mariella and HG out for a spin.2013-08-18 16.55.34 We met the Hudson boys for an early morning zoo date (before soccer practice) on Saturday since Hayley was out of town. The red panda was on the ground, pacing and trying to cross the water!IMG_4682 IMG_4684 IMG_4690 Davis is a runner, so HG was busy chasing him down.2013-08-17 09.49.49 Definitely a Mississippi girl!2013-08-17 19.32.31

“Tomorrow!” Her theatre camp has renewed her passion for all Annie ballads.

Pretending non-stop on the ride to Grandma’s one morning. She could talk for days. We are making a running list to share with her JK teacher of all her make-believe stories so that the poor woman doesn’t think we have 21 kids, lock them in the trunk, etc.

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