Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Showing Off Her School

Today marks the third day in a row that Helen Grace has literally SKIPPED down the hall and into her classroom. What a blessing St. Agnes has been to us. Mrs. Gossett said that she’s starting to get comfortable and show more of her personality, and she has been very kind and nurturing to the other kiddos, including bringing a kleenex to a crying child. Mrs. Blaizel said that she talks to the teachers A LOT and tells them all the details of her weekend, etc. She plays independently at times but also with the other kids.

We had a girls’ day today, and Bubba, Spiffer, and I went to lunch at the Women’s Exchange and then to pick up HG at school. Helen Grace was so excited to show Bubba and Spiffer around her classroom and school, and she proudly took them around to her cubby, seat at the table, helper chart, playground, aquarium, etc. Afterward, we stopped by Yolo to cool off with some yogurt- it was HOT today!

Loving all the artwork she’s making, and it’s so cool to see new masterpieces up each morning.2013-08-26 07.53.542013-08-27 14.54.41 She is making a little progress on her name every day. The girl won’t practice for me at home without a big fight, so I’m happy to see she’ll cooperate for her teachers.2013-08-26 15.10.48  Showing Bubba and Spiffer her cubby2013-08-28 14.03.37 Her seat at the table2013-08-28 14.08.28 Helper chart- she FINALLY has a job- PTL! She came home every day last week sad that she didn’t have a job. It turns out that you have a job for a whole week, and this week she has been the Door Holder. She has been so excited about it…until she realized that sometimes she has to stay at the front or back of the line and not in the middle with her friends.2013-08-28 14.09.46 Nemo’s home2013-08-28 14.15.23 Yolo2013-08-28 14.57.10 2013-08-28 14.57.26

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