Sunday, August 4, 2013

First Cleats

Well, four years have flown by, and HG is finally old enough to play (and is asking to play) soccer for Olive Branch Park &  Rec. John started coaching for this group when he graduated from grad school, and one of his players, Christy Magnifico, was later one of his OBHS players and is a very special friend of our family. And in a truly full circle twist of circumstances, Christy is going to be HG’s coach for the navy team this fall!!! Their first practice is Monday night, so it was time for us to go shopping for her first pair of cleats. Very surreal event. I’ve dreamed about this day for a long time! And as much as John doesn’t approve of pink when it comes to soccer gear or apparel, he sure did suggest/pick out these cleats and a pink soccer ball. He claims it was because he knew what HG would love, but I think he secretly is enjoying her excitement about the whole thing.

As soon as we walked back in the door at home, she asked to put on her new shoes and go practice in the yard with Daddy. Of course, you know her daddy jumped right into his cleats! This was the first time back in his boots since surgery, so it was another big moment. She seems to enjoy it. I’m interested to see how she does with the whole ‘team’ aspect, and since her asthma has essentially disappeared for the most part, I’m desperately hoping it’ll stay at bay while she runs up and down the field.

2013-08-03 12.01.52 IMG_4574 IMG_4577 IMG_4579 IMG_4584 IMG_4586

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