Friday, August 16, 2013

Back-to-School Zoo Hurrah

With Helen Grace starting St. Agnes with a half day on Friday and a full day on Monday, Wednesday was our last ‘Mommy day.’ To celebrate, we met our moms’ group friends at the zoo (of course) on a magical, breezy, October-like day. AND Mommy brought her swimsuit and finally let her run through the Teton Trek geyser at the end of the day! That was a first and a very special treat. She was *really* excited about it, and the only way I got her out was with the promise of Dippin’ Dots. By the time we finally left, she was so tired that I had to stroll her to the car!

Priss pot is ready to go!IMG_4618 Graham, Porter, Callum, HGIMG_4621 HG, Graham, Callum, PorterIMG_4625 IMG_4626‘Baby’ Emily too!2013-08-14 11.00.41 Finally got them to actually look at me.2013-08-14 12.57.00 “Moo!”2013-08-14 13.15.56 Egg-stra fun with Finley2013-08-14 13.18.17 2013-08-14 13.26.38IMG_4635 IMG_4636 Porter, Callum, HG, FinleyIMG_4637Emmett got in on the action too!IMG_4641 Wet, goodbye hugs2013-08-14 14.47.28

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