Friday, August 9, 2013

4 Year Old Check Up

Well, better late than never, we had Helen Grace’s four year old check up today with Dr. Vargo. We were all so glad to see each other for a WELL visit with no major issues! She’s breathing well and is very ‘regular,’ so he was very pleased with her health and progress. And she was pleased that since she’s going to school in Tennessee, Dr. Vargo let her wait until she’s 5 to take her school vaccines. (Mississippi schools now require them at 4 years old.) She did the happy dance out of there, and we went straight to Sonic for a milkshake to celebrate! The only thing she wasn’t thrilled about was having to take off her dress and wear the paper gown. She eventually warmed up to it though and cheesed out, as usual.

Height:  43 inches or 90th percentile

Weight:  39 pounds or 70-75th percentile

BMI:  40%

Passed the hearing and vision tests

4 yr old check up- 1 “Mama, did you just take a picture of me???” {wrinkling her nose at me}4 yr old check up- 2

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