Sunday, August 4, 2013

2nd Generation of MBA Friends

During John’s MBA program, Ryan and Eric were great friends and study partners. After graduation (during the wedding phase and before kiddos), we enjoyed having a supper club and trying the newest Memphis restaurants. Once babies start arriving, we slacked on our dinner get togethers, but this weekend, we were finally able to get the whole crew together for a long awaited supper. It goes to show you that an Ole Miss MBA is much, much more than a diploma!

Katherine, Eric and Lesli’s sweet little babymccully england1 HG with Ryan and Betsy’s boys, Taylor and Griffin (their sister, Robbye, was visiting her grandparents)mccully england2 The boys: Ryan, John, Eric…11 years of friendshipmccully england3And later that night, I had to capture this sweet (and rare) bedtime cuddle with Rebel. He likes to be close to her but not within touching distance.bedtime HG took this ‘selfie’bedtime1

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