Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mastering the Trike

Now that the weather has been nice, we’ve been tackling HG’s tricycling skills. Her legs were finally long enough to reach the pedals fine, but she struggled to keep constant forward momentum. I’m not sure what happened, but in a matter of a week, she has taken off like a bottle rocket. She suddenly grew bored with making circles in the driveway and decided on Sunday night that she wanted to bike around the lake behind our house. So off we went! She was a little timid when it came to big bumps (tree roots) or the down ramp of a bridge, but after a few times of stalling in apprehension and then trying it out, she conquered her fears and was soon yelling, “Whooo hoooo!” She rode the entire way and never stopped to walk, and I couldn’t have been more thankful that I didn’t have to carry her bike home!

Tonight, she wanted to make another loop around the lake, and this time, when we got to a bridge, she would just pedal faster on the downward slope. SO PROUD of her! Her daddy is now more than ever ready to get out and about so that he can go along on this new adventure!

Sunday night- 1st lake ridetrike- 1st lake trike- 1st lake-1 trike- 1st lake-2 

Tuesday night- 2nd ride. Look what we stumbled upon!trike- 2nd laketrike- 2nd lake-1 She asked me to stop and take her pic on this bench.trike- 2nd lake-2

Training video from the last few weeks

Friday, April 26, 2013

Maples’ Spring Program

Tuesday night was Helen Grace’s spring program at school. All of “her people” got there extra early so that we could have front row seats (since I learned my lesson at Christmastime with being way in the back, making it hard for her to find us). We gave her a big hug before the start, and she bounded off for her classroom to get ready. And a few minutes later, they all paraded onto the stage, and our bouncy little girl was gone, and a pouty, shy little girl was in her place. I have no idea what happened in those few minutes, but she was a totally different person, barely singing along and not smiling. I believe they told them not to wave during the performance, so maybe she took that too seriously?? Anywho, toward the end, she started to perk up a bit and caught on to the songs. When they started filing off the stage, she started waving and smiling- who knows?! We were so proud of her, none the less, and we loved seeing all of those sweet kiddos so proud of themselves!

Her buddy, Riley, was right next to her, so we got lots of cute pics with the two of them.

CF6C8167 CF6C8175CF6C8188 CF6C8221 CF6C8222 CF6C8224 CF6C8239 CF6C8251 CF6C8253 CF6C8256 CF6C8260 CF6C8262 CF6C8266

Sunday Fun Day

On Sunday, we had to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Although poor daddy was still stuck on the couch, he gave us his blessing. We met HG’s grandparents at the zoo for a fun afternoon. We checked out the new sting ray exhibit, and while HG was brave and tried to touch them, the walls were too wide and pool too deep for her to reach them. We caught up with the camels who are back from their winter hiatus, and we enjoyed riding Cotton this time. We made sure to run HG pretty hard so that she took a good, long nap! John was even up for his first dinner outing that night- Newk’s and Gracie Bleu, of course- so we topped off the day with a nice family dinner.

P1030599 photo 1 P1030616 photo 2 P1030623 P1030629 P1030632 P1030633 photo 3 photo 4 P1030641

Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring Dance Recital Pics

Last night, in the middle of a literal monsoon, Helen Grace had her pictures for her spring dance recital coming up in May. We weren’t able to make it to her Nutcracker pictures last November (I believe we were out of town), so I was really anxious to get these done. I have such fun, vivid memories of my dance pictures as a child (although my mom might have a different story). I remember being so excited-  a big photo shoot set up in the dance studio; big, bright lights; lots of hairspray, lipstick, and {itchy} tulle; shadowing my teacher’s poses with a little cane or hat. My dance pictures still hang in my mama’s house, and I love seeing my chubby little legs and perfect hair do, proudly posing in my sequined outfit. (For the record, the actual performances scared me to death with all those bright lights and people staring at me, but thankfully, HG seems to love being the center of attention.)

And I was not disappointed with this photo shoot 25 years later! One of HG’s friends took her class’ pics earlier this week and was in a yellow outfit, so I tried to prepare HG that her outfit might not be pink or purple. She somehow set her mind that her outfit would be ‘rainbow,’ so when the lady handed her this little number last night, she was THRILLED- pink and purple rainbow!

She was a dream child- easy to get dressed and stood patiently while we waited forever for her turn. Then she posed and smiled and titled her head with every bit of direction and was tickled pink with herself. I was dying of the cuteness overload!

Eventually, she let me take the outfit off, and we headed home in the wild weather to celebrate her daddy’s 35th birthday.  dance pics2 dance pics3 dance pics4 dance pics5

Happy that her daddy let her handle the candle-blowing-outjohn's 35th

Battle + Codee

At Battle & Codee’s Engagement Party in Byhalia

Bubba and her girlsbubba w girlsP1040337 My cousin, Battle, and his beautiful fiancee, CodeeP1040340 P1040345 P1040364

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


At school on Tuesday, HG’s class raised money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital by participating in a Trike-a-thon. Helen Grace had NOT been happy about wearing a helmet, even though we found a cute, purple princess one, but thankfully, peer pressure worked and she wore it that day! She chose to ride her scooter instead of her tricycle, and we decked it out with a bell and horn- I’m sure Mrs. Maureen wasn’t too excited about that! HG had all her grandparents there to cheer her on. John has torn his left ACL and had surgery at almost that exact time on Tuesday, so we were not able to be there. Sniff, sniff. They were so sweet to make sure that she was still well supported though.

On your mark, get set, go!start P1030558 P1030559 P1030565 Cheering sectionP1030573 P1030580 girls girls1 Throwing blossoms in the air like they’re snowP1030590


What a wild Saturday we had this weekend! Grandma and Peggy’s friends, Lara and David, were in town from New York, and we’ve been talking for years about how much they’d love the Memphis Zoo when they came to visit. So obviously a zoo trip was on the agenda, and thankfully, the weather cooperated and gave us a beautiful morning. That afternoon, we celebrated Hayes’ 10th birthday with a skating party, so the Hasseltine/Eskrigge crew was in town too. Helen Grace caught a 30 minute nap on the way from the zoo to the rink, and when she literally woke up swinging, I thought we were doomed. But she soon realized where she was and jumped out of her seat with a big ole smile on her face. Whew. She took a bit to get her skating legs back, but by the end of the afternoon and with the help of a gaggle of girls oogling over her (“OMG, did you hear her say her name?! How sweeeeet!!!”), she was soon dancing and racing around on the ice. The Jackson crowd went back to Spiffer’s to let the girls chase frogs and play in the dirt, and then John and I joined our out-of-town parties for dinner at Three Guys pizza. We visited and ate until we were sick, but we had such a nice night!

zoo w lara Checking on the baby giraffezoo gma- giraffes zoo gma- pandaskating- hg The gaggleskating- gourp This was the only time the girl let go of her walker. I thought for sure that cousin peer pressure would work, but it was a no go.handscousins We were breaking it down in the middle of the ice. I have to admit, it was *really* fun.dance party Dance party!! (Look at the way HG is looking at her big girl cousins. You couldn’t wipe that silly grin off her face the whole time. She’d chase after them if they ever left her side.)dance party12013-04-13 14.40.46 Hot chocolate and cake breakP1030543 P1030550

Skating:  Fast forward to the 2:00 mark when she really gets going (and I stop dancing).

Dinner:  Fixing her pizza at Three Guys