Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This weekend, our ‘baby’ hit the halfway mark between 3 and 4…

Around 40-40.5 inches tall and hovers around 35 pounds.

No more baby belly- she’s long and lean. And she’s losing a bit of those big ole cheeks too. Makes me a little sad.

Still walks and runs on her toes.

Can talk her into doing anything if she can “race” you there. We are working a lot on how to act when she doesn’t win, although her daddy and I have different philosophies on how to handle that teachable moment. :)

Always begs to sleep in Mommy’s bed. We’ve had to compromise and let her sleep there on Friday nights to avoid regular meltdowns, although we do use that treat as a reward at times. She is waking up in the middle of the night a lot lately but it’s to come tell me she has to potty. I guess I’d rather wake up in the night and go right back to bed after potty than have to change sheets- at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Knows the words to some songs on the radio (big Taylor Swift fan) and will often ask me to find the music video that goes along with it on my phone. We can tell she’s been practicing for her Christmas program at school because she’s started belting out new songs that we haven’t sung with her before. Can’t wait! Also, she will watch an entire big kids movie. Does really well in movie theatres now.

Loves to burst into spontaneous dance parties. Will find a song on my phone and make everyone in the room get in on the action.

Basically 99% potty trained and wakes up dry from nighttime and naps. She just forgets sometimes when she’s playing or is somewhere unfamiliar where she can’t find the potty.

Still loves her ballet class at school but has begged to get back to gymnastics, so we’ve enrolled her in the last few classes of the semester at Kids Only Gym. This time, she hasn’t been shy for a moment and does all the skills that the teacher asks her to do. She LOVES it, and her coordination has improved so much even since this summer.

Excited about Christmas like she’s never experienced it before. Everything is new and sparkly- she thinks the lit snowflakes hung over our front door are so cool and gets excited every time we pull in the driveway. She immediately goes straight to the Snow Village people and rearranges them. Love seeing her new, creative scenes. :) Can’t wait to see if she’ll sit in Santa’s lap at school next week.

Suddenly obsessed with hotdogs and her long, winter nightgown that Grandma got her. She would eat a hotdog at every meal if we’d let her, and I’ve put aside my concerns about their authenticity and am just happy she’s eating. She spent two and a half days in her nightgown this weekend. I think Santa will have to bring her more for Christmas- this one will be worn out by then!

Sounding out letters and is desperate to read. She throws out ‘fancy’ words like ‘complicated’ and ‘impossible,’ as in, “That boy was impossible. I’m not kidding you.” I’m not kidding you either.

While she will test you with almost every instruction you give her or request she makes of you, she will turn around and lavish you in sweetness- “Mommy, you’re the best mommy in the world. You’re the best daddy ever. You’re my best friend.” The Lord gives you what you need when you need it, right??

We love this little sassafras and our family of three more than words can explain.

IMG_3139 indian



Thanksgiving Hangover

Some ways that we nursed our turkey hangover over the holiday weekend…

We ate lunch at Huey's with Spiffer and Granddaddy, complete with toothpick shooting lessons from the former principal.hueysWe put up a little Christmas tree in HG’s room, and as expected, she decorated it all herself.treeWhile Uncle Rod, Aunt Sharon, and Mere Mere were still in town, we ate dinner at Hollywood Cafe in Tunica. And yes, my child is wearing her ballet shoes. I choose to pick my battles.hollywood- group hollywood- moore hollywood- toohig T-R-O-U-B-L-EIMG_3192 IMG_3193 IMG_3194 {On this same stage in Sept 2009 for Mommy’s birthday}CIMG2923 {And in utero behind the bar, just about 2 weeks before she was born in May 2009}CIMG2213We put up our Christmas tree…and stayed in our pajamas for the ENTIRE DAY.CF6C6029CF6C6063 HG painted this ornament in 2010.CF6C6069 CF6C6079 I have to say that there are large number of ornaments hung on the bottom limbs of the tree toward the back…each placed there with purpose and love.  :)CF6C6098 HG’s handprints from the summers of 2009 (little pink round one), 2010 (bigger pink round one), and 2011 (green hand shaped one).CF6C6115She sat back there for hours, playing with her Nutcracker and ballerina ornaments. Note that she’s still wearing her ballet shoes.CF6C6127

Toohig Turkeys: 2012

We had a great, family-filled, low-key Thanksgiving. We started with lunch at Bubba’s and then moved to round two at Nini and Teddy’s after HG had a nap in Grandma’s bed. We stayed around there and let HG experience her first Monopoly game, and I finally managed to pull her out of there around 8 p.m. We were full of turkey, hot dogs (HG only), sweet potatoes, Ozark potatoes, deviled eggs, chocolate chess pie, banana pudding, nuts and bolts, and wonderful, priceless time with FAMILY—for which we are eternally grateful.

Btw, HG picked out this “fancy” dress from her closet just for the big day. (Can you tell she’s discovered Fancy Nancy?)

toohig turkeysIMG_3168 IMG_3169She *really* got into helping Bubba fill the glasses with ice.IMG_3172 This pic brings tears to my eyes. Flashes me right back to this same driveway almost thirty years ago where Bubba was pulling William and me around in wagons and Cozy Coupes.IMG_3175 So excited the new Mr. & Mrs. Ryves Moore joined us!IMG_3177The swing where John proposed to me seven years agoIMG_3180She was obsessed with putting handful after handful of leaves in this garbage bag.20121122_141233x

Grandma and Peggy brought this chocolate turkey home to her from their recent NY trip, and she’s been patiently waiting for ‘chicken day’ to finally chow down on it.gma & peggy turkey Digging into the nuts and bolts IMG_3182 IMG_3184 IMG_3186 HG’s first time to witness the traditional Thanksgiving night Monopoly game at the BrownsIMG_3187 Love for Nini and Teddy!!IMG_3188

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Toohig Tidbits

I thanked her for loving me, even when I lost my patience, and she said, “You can have some of my patience!”

At the DG house…

HG:  I want to live here.

Mama:  Well, maybe when you graduate from high school and move off to college, you can join DG and live here like mama did.

HG:  No, I want to live here with you.

{Awwwwww! I know that will change one day though! She was comforted when I reminded her that Ann Maxwell and Leighton could live there with her too.}

She gets excited about anything you give her and always exclaims, “My very own ______!!!!!!” (Like she’s never had a brush or a cracker or a bowl before)

A lot lately, she’ll argue with me that she’s “never been here before.” To places like Memphis, Oxford, etc. Or “I’ve never done/had that before.” I don’t get it!

HG and I had lunch with Whitney lately on a work day for her. When it was time to go, I said we needed to let Whit get back to work. HG said, “Back to business!” I wouldn’t have believed I had heard her correctly except Whit was my witness!

Speaking of correctly, when she’s putting on her shoes or distinguishing left from right, she’ll ask, “Is this the correct one?”

She constantly wants to know what a character in a movie, or even a toy she’s playing with, is saying. At first, I thought she was asking because she couldn’t hear it, but then I figured out she wanted me to pretend what they are saying. LOTS of pretending going on here these days!

The most patient cat EVERprince momoExcited about dance classtiny dancerLove this girlmommy love Sugar highcupcakeDate with Callum- also the first public potty experiencecallum callum3 Movie date, “Wreck It Ralph,” with the Coats girls. They had a ball dancing up front after the movie ended. Thought I’d never get them out of there.movie mixDinner afterwards at McAlister’smovie4 And we soon retreated to the privacy of their van…WILD GIRLS. ‘Strike a pose’ during their dance party.movie5Perfect fall afternoon for an impromptu soccer game in Granddaddy and Spiffer’s drivewaydriveway soccer Sassy little Indianindian

Caught her dancing with the video on tv. Love the bow at the end!

First Nutcracker

On Saturday, Helen Grace performed in her very first Nutcracker with Stars in Motion/Ballet DeSoto at the Hernando Performing Arts Center. Since it was a wild west version of the Nutcracker, her preschool class dressed up as tumbleweeds.

Her daddy was in Tampa on a business trip and wasn’t able to be there, but she had all of her grandparents (and Bubba too!) there to cheer her on. She even went easy on me and took a really early 45-minute nap since the performance was during her nap time and chowed down a turkey sandwich before we left- both without a fuss. She let Spiffer and me put her hair up in a ponytail and pull her hair off her face, but only because she was most excited about getting to put on Mama’s blush and lipstick!

As show time neared, Helen Grace was thankfully as cool as a cucumber and so very excited to get on stage, while I was the one that was shaking like a leaf. I dropped her off at the door to the auditorium, and she didn’t even look back as the big girls took her backstage to get ready. I hadn’t seen her costume until she walked on stage, and when she did, I was *shocked* that she let them put it on her- grass skirt, apron bib, and a big plate-shaped hat tied on her head. Of course, because the teenage girls dressed her, she was happy to put on the scratchy outfit! She did really well for her dance and stayed on her tippy toes the whole time. She loves the big jump part the best (so cute in the video!!), and she did a great job of paying attention and following the line on and off the stage. I realized that I had been holding my breath throughout her performance, and I was soooo relieved when she pranced off the stage as happy as could be. Her group came back on at the end for the finale, and we couldn’t have clapped any harder as she took her bow.

Afterward, I picked her up backstage, and her grandparents had all kinds of goodies for her- a pink rose, princess balloon, and ballerina books. She didn’t want to get off the stage and had a ball running around up there one more time. We then treated her to a cupcake (for more potty progress), and her celebratory dinner choice was Chick-fil-A.

So very proud of our little tumbleweed!

photo 1 One last minute practice as we are heading out the doorphoto 3 Right before the showP1030139 An ad for our baby girl in the programphoto 4 During the finaleIMG_3151 IMG_3152 IMG_3154 After the showP1030140 IMG_3159 Couldn’t get her off the stageIMG_3160 Chasing Grandma and so proud of herself 

Some video from her practice the week before the performance. Daddy came along with us so that he could see her moves.

The big performance!!!