Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Life Is Good

Tonight could not have been better. When I got to Grandma’s house today, Helen Grace was excited to see me. And was happy to jump on my hip, give me a big hug and kiss, and load up into the car. We met Spif, Ben, and Bubba for dinner, and she played happily on the video games at the restaurant while we waited. When the “sketti” arrived, she easily came to the table and ate her pasta- as much as I asked her to. She had fun playing with the to-go tin- on her head as a hat, scrunched against her face, and smushed on top of the sketti- wherever! She agreed to wrap up her after dinner car game driving to head home. We fit in a little swinging in the backyard with Daddy and then Blues Clues and milk. We had fun reading some books and finally got in bed to snuggle. She laid down, nose to nose with me, put her hand on my cheek, sighed, and fell asleep. Life is G-O-O-D.

P1000857 P1000859 P1000860

Monday, June 27, 2011

Zoo Boo Hoo (and Lots of Fun)

On Sunday, we all headed to the zoo to check out the wedding locale for CB and Emily’s big day this coming Saturday. They will be tying the knot at the sea lion exhibit, and we tagged along with them to look for wedding picture spots and also talk up the festivities to Helen Grace. We experienced a preview of the sweltering almost-July temperatures, and we are all praying for a dramatic cold front to come through just in time for the wedding. Regardless of the heat, we will have a great time celebrating CB and Emily’s marriage, and we had a really fun and laid back day palling around our beautiful zoo! We were able to keep Helen Grace away from the playground until after lunch. She was in hog heaven- even more than seeing the ‘animals’- when she found it. In order for us to leave, we physically had to grab her up and start walking toward the exit with her screaming and crying. Brilliant Emily started talking to her about how we could all go to the pool later that afternoon and also see Teddy, so by the time we got to the car, HG was no longer causing strangers to look at us like we were beating our child. :) Fun times!

There are two orangutans under those blankets- hilarious!IMG_1391 Our little monkeyIMG_1394 In honor of the Wonder Pets episode where they save the flamingo whose foot is stuck in mud…IMG_1399 IMG_1404CIMG8847 IMG_1411IMG_1419 IMG_1424 IMG_1431 What does an elephant say??CIMG8848 Pee-pie!IMG_1439 IMG_1463 Playing around at the sea lion showCIMG8853 CIMG8854 IMG_1493 The soon-to-be bride and groom scoping out the wedding locationIMG_1447 The itty bitty new baby elk, SummerIMG_1517 IMG_1535 IMG_1558 IMG_1561 IMG_1563

Have A Nice Day

Today at Grandma’s, Helen Grace was playing ‘gas station’ with her Little Tikes car. She filled it up with gas, closed the gas cap, gave Grandma her card to swipe, then got back in to pull away. As she turned to leave, she hollered to Grandma, “Have a nice day!”

Also, Peggy asked Helen Grace where Grandma was in the house. HG responded, “In the kitchen.” Peg said, “Really? She is?” To which, Helen Grace asked, “Want to check?”

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Jumpy Jumpy Princess Party

Today ranks way up there as far as fun level in Helen Grace’s book. Our neighbor, Mariella, celebrated her third birthday with a princess themed party, complete with a JUMPY JUMPY (bounce house)!! The rental company actually brought it over to their house last night, so Helen Grace had a private preview party with Mariella. Thirty minutes after her bedtime, the girls were still going strong, but when it was completely dark and the bugs were eating us alive, I had to carry her home as she cried, “Jumpy!!!!” This morning, it was the first thing on her mind, so I had to distract her with a Dance Along with Barney DVD until it was time for the party. While she showed no interest in any of the dressed-up princesses, horse-drawn carriage, and tiaras that were there, she went wild over the swingset and bounce house. So fun to see her so excited! Happy birthday, Mariella!

jumpy jumpy1 jumpy2 Jumpy with the birthday princessjumpy4 jumpy5 Trying on the tiara cookie was as close as we got to putting a real crown on her head.jumpy after

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sweet Summer Nights

I’m relishing in these sweet summer nights. Last night, while Daddy coached a game, we went to our Thursday night hot spot, Seafood Junction, for catfish with Bubba, Spiffer, and Granddaddy. Helen Grace enjoyed sitting in a doubled up big girl chair and eating hushpuppies, mac and cheese, and water with a splash of sweet tea. (When our waitress refilled our glasses, she insisted on a “refill” too.) Afterward, we took Bubba home and spent some time out in her backyard. The weather was actually very pleasant, and I loved sitting back watching Helen Grace flanked by Spiffer and Bubba, chatting away {in the same spot John proposed six years ago}. Bubba just laughs and laughs at the things HG says and how she responds to questions. Helen Grace kept grabbing her by the hand hollering, “Bubba, c’mon!” Later, we came home and played in our backyard until sundown, swinging and blowing bubbles. The child could swing for days! I want to always remember these fun times with family.

Yummm, hushpuppies!hushpuppy In Bubba’s backyard2011-06-23 19.31.35 2011-06-23 19.35.35

Watching the video from Bubba’s this morning- she loves to watch herself on video.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Singing Girl

All of a sudden, Helen Grace is now singing along to songs- like, a lot! I am shocked! She was riding in the car with my parents over the weekend, and they caught a great video of her singing. I was surprised because I hadn’t really seen her sing along to a whole song, but sure enough, she’s really getting into it now.

This first video is from my parents’ car ride with her, and she smells a skunk at the beginning which makes her sneeze. Hilarious!

I captured this one today when we were all in the car. I love this phase!

And this is just a random pic that I have to include for posterity's sake. I look horrible, but it’s too cute of a snuggly moment not to share. I can count on one hand the times that Helen Grace has slept in our bed with us for the whole night. It usually involves illness or tornado, but with all of my recovery issues and her being shipped out to her grandparents’ so much, we caved and let her sleep with us one night recently. This is what John woke up to. SNUGGLE. BUG. We have missed you too, sweet pea!! Glad to have our family all back together now.


Sunday, June 19, 2011


Helen Grace and I are so blessed to have such dedicated and selfless daddies in our lives. They are never too tired to do one more spin, one more slide, or one more race with Helen Grace. And never too tired to hang one more picture, do one more load of laundry, or make one more trip to the grocery store for me. My Deedy and John make our lives better, brighter, happier, and more full of love and blessings. Happy Father’s Day!!

John’s first Father’s Day, June 2009CIMG2351 Father’s Day 2010CIMG5475 - CopyCIMG5478 - CopyFather’s Day 2011P1000831P1000825

Hodge Podge

The girl loves shoes, and she doesn’t discriminate against any kind. Whether it’s Mommy’s heels or Daddy’s tennis shoes, she’s in heaven!daddys shoes 

A lunch picnic with Ann Maxwell at her new house…CIMG8810 And Ann Maxwell has a princess tent too!!!CIMG8811 CIMG8814 Needless to say, she zonked out after all that fun!CIMG8821

The kitties love this window ledge (and so does HG’s monkey).CIMG8822


So somehow, Helen Grace convinced Spiffer to get up in the playground with her at Chick-fil-A…or maybe Spif had to retrieve her? I’m not asking questions!P1000788 First comes baby girl!P1000797 And then Spiffer!P1000799 Spif also got to spend some time in the princess castle, reading lots of books with Helen Grace.P1000803 A princess needs her beauty sleep.sleeping princess


We had a friendly visitor this weekend, and Helen Grace wasn’t sure what to think about Mr. Turtle. Better to keep a safe distance.P1000820 P1000822 P1000824