Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween: Part 2

Whew, what a Halloween whirlwind!! We have had such a fun day of parties. We started with our MOTs Halloween get together, and we all enjoyed a beautiful day outside, playing in the yard. Helen Grace did pretty well in her monkey suit, but she wouldn’t wear the hat OR the shoes. She was still pretty dang cute though with her pink bows. Later, we stopped by my coworker Ginna’s house and let the babies run around together (she has a 2 yr old little girl). Then we trick or treated at Uncle CB’s house down the street and saw his puppy, Manning, who is now a HUGE dog! And we finally made it to the Anglins’ house for dinner. Helen Grace followed Courtlyn around, and I thought we would never get her out of Courtlyn’s play room…until the trick or treaters arrived! HG once again ran to the door to help give out candy. She cracks me up, and we had so much fun watching the girls play together.

I found/made her a little mini me monkey, complete with pink bows.CIMG6536 Will didn’t like his puppy dog outfit.CIMG6538 Patting Emsley the kittyCIMG6540Playing with CallumCIMG6547CIMG6553CIMG6559 CIMG6560 HG just wanted to hug Caroline in that bumble bee suit- too funny!doty1 We tried and tried to get a group pic. This is the best we could do.doty2 Checking out Manning the bull…October 2010CIMG6562The two of them…April 2010. It’s amazing what a difference six months can make.IMG_0155  Playing with Courtlyn- she LOVED the chalk!rachel2 AND the Glo Doodle thingie. She carried it around all night. And I finally got her back in her monkey outfit.CIMG6574rachel1 

And this is what we had at the end of the night…a whiny, wallowing mess on the floor!floor P.S. Of course I can’t get this on camera, but if you ask Helen Grace what a monkey says, she doesn’t make any noise but she pulls her arms up like a monkey- ha!

Trick or Treat

We rushed home from Oxford for our neighborhood’s trick or treating on Saturday night. For practicality’s sake, HG was an Ole Miss cheerleader! At first, she was scared by the kids that came to the door, mostly due to their masks, but she soon warmed up and caught on to what we were doing. By the end of the night, we would holler, “Trick or treat!” when kids came to the door, she’d grab the basket of candy, run to the door, and drop candy one by one into their bags. She LOVED it, and we LOVED watching her! This was such a fun night of memories!

IMG_0540 IMG_0541 Whoops!IMG_0543CIMG6523 See any trick or treaters?CIMG6525 Silly daddy!CIMG6527 Attempt at family pic #1CIMG6528 Attempt #2…that’s as good as it’s going to get!SAM_0847 TRICK OR TREAT!CIMG6533 SAM_0850 CIMG6535SAM_0851

Are You Ready…Finally?

We have been waiting for the perfect game day to introduce Helen Grace to the Grove (right game time, right age, right weather, etc.)…and we finally found it this weekend! The day couldn’t have been more perfect- high 60’s and not a cloud in the beautiful blue sky. We played Auburn, and the whole place was packed. Shoving my way down the Walk of Champions was a whole different ball game with a toddler in my arms. I was alternately terrified of both of us being trampled and then excited to be there- what a mix of emotions. John and I had a great time showing her the ropes to what I hope will be another lifetime and another generation of Ole Miss traditions.

Headed to God’s Country!IMG_0453 IMG_0460 Waiting on the team at the Walk of ChampionsCIMG6515 First time to hear Dixie played by the Pride of the SouthCIMG6517Watching the cheerleadersIMG_0472 She wasn’t too sure about them, but I obviously loved it. :)IMG_0485 Found the unofficial Col RebCIMG6518 Walking through the GroveCIMG6519 Found the Yates!CIMG6520 And Aunt Whitney!CIMG6521 CIMG6522IMG_0489 IMG_0494 HeeheeIMG_0503 FREEDOM IMG_0509 “I really want to get in that flowerbed.”IMG_0531 And we ran into Worth!IMG_0533

Lunching Little Ladies

On Friday, we had a fall break in Kindermusik, so Jennifer, Camille, Helen Grace, and I met for lunch instead our normal Friday morning class. The last time we attempted a double date, it ended terribly with HG throwing food and my carrying her out kicking and screaming. This time, both girls acted like little ladies, and we had a very pleasant lunch. HG spent some time with Granddaddy and Bubba that afternoon while I spent some much needed time at the hair salon. They had fun playing outside in the leaves on the beautiful fall day!CIMG6506 CIMG6507 CIMG6509 CIMG6510 SAM_0842

17 Months

Helen Grace turned 17 months old on October 25, 2010. Here’s what the little munchkin has been up to…


  • Helen Grace weighs 23 pounds, wears 2T/24 mos shirts and 18 mos pants, and is in size 4 diapers.
  • She loves to draw, and she has recently gotten attached to the Magna Doodle thing. She can even erase it when she’s done.
  • I don’t know where she has picked this up, but she has just started trying to measure things with string. The other day at Grandma’s, she was trying to measure their heads, leg length, etc. Maybe she’s just playing with the string, but we think she’s somehow remember how the nurse does it at her check ups and is mimicking that.
  • She can play games, look at pictures, and watch videos on my iPhone completely on her own. I’ll be in trouble when she figures out how to punch in my numerical code to unlock my phone!
  • She adds new animals sounds by the day. She surprises me every time we go through the animals with one I haven’t heard. Tonight I heard a version of zzzz for a bee and something that was supposed to be a cock-a-doodle-doo for a rooster. She also says “bump” when we go in or out of the driveway.
  • She has just started getting attached to/excited about bows. She really doesn’t have the need for one yet- she has a ton of hair but it’s not in her face yet- but she likes you to put one in it sometimes.
  • She runs with reckless abandon, and for the most part, she does fine. She has a few tumbles now and then, but she’s pretty tough and rarely cries.
  • Her coordination gets better by the day. She is quite the climber and can get up on any chair, couch, etc. all by herself. She is making great strides to putting socks on by herself too. She can now go up the stairs ‘big girl style’- only one foot on each step. When you sing “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” she claps at the right times. She can also match shoes or socks together.
  • Although she does switch it up sometimes, she seems to be predominantly right handed.