Sunday, July 23, 2017

Toohig Tidbits: Pony Camp(s)

HG’s barn offers three weeks of pony camp in the summer. We had a conflict with the first one, so we signed her up for the second one, the week of June 26th. It’s always one of her favorite weeks of summer, but it’s usually relentlessly hot and by the end, she’s exhausted from working and playing so hard in the heat. But this year, she never complained a bit and begged to go to the last week too. It didn’t hurt that she rode to camp in the morning with Ms. Jody, so she enjoyed riding in a truck with a puppy dog in her lap and with some of the older counselors and getting there early to help set up. She also competed in her first outside show that first week with a group of five girls (all much older than her), and she won 2nd, 4th, and 5th place ribbons. She wanted to do camp and a show again so that she could earn a blue ribbon this time!

So we signed her up for the week of July 10th. I did hear her complain once about the heat that week, but she immediately made a new fun friend and they had a BIG time. In her second outside show, she and her friend were the only two in their division, so she won 1st, 2nd, 2nd, and reserve champion ribbons!

Week One

For the record, Granddaddy and Spiffer came to her show, but they were too busy wrangling Cressey (keeping her quiet and out of the pasture) to get in many pics. I also handed over John’s camera to a new mom friend there who happens to be a professional photographer, so she got some cute ones of the girls.











2017-06-30 09.33.26 HDR

2017-06-30 09.34.17-1

2017-06-30 09.34.28

2017-06-30 09.34.52

2017-06-30 09.48.59

Week Two

Grandma, Hastings, and Cam came to cheer her on, and she and Madison had a great time getting their horses ready and riding outside together. It couldn’t have been a more humid day, but we loved watching HG in her element!

2017-07-14 08.36.43

2017-07-14 08.40.23

2017-07-14 08.40.59

2017-07-14 08.50.51-1

2017-07-14 09.12.58-1

2017-07-14 09.17.42-1

2017-07-14 09.17.44

2017-07-14 09.18.40

2017-07-14 09.27.30-1

2017-07-14 09.29.00

2017-07-14 09.34.23

2017-07-14 09.34.47

Grandma was trying to help me get Cressey to cooperate in the pic…

2017-07-14 09.35.14-1

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