Tuesday, July 4, 2017

CMT’s First Redbirds’ Game

On June 10th, the Ducks spontaneously called and asked if we wanted to meet them at the Redbirds’ game that night and let the kids play on the bluff. We thought, ‘why not?,’ and decided to give it a go. Well, it sounded fun in theory but proved to be tough with a little one who is a) not terribly stable at walking (bluff is slanted) and b) won’t sit still AT ALL. We lasted long enough to shovel some burgers/ hot dogs in our mouth and let Cress experience her first funnel cake, but she soon wore us down and we headed out. HG and I loved getting to play with baby Neely though, and we have no idea who won the game!

We love the Ducks!

2017-06-10 18.31.01

The baby whisperer/ built in babysitter in action

2017-06-10 18.46.48

2017-06-10 19.23.39

2017-06-10 19.27.06

2017-06-10 19.27.08-1

2017-06-10 19.27.12-1

This is what we did the entire time…

2017-06-10 19.31.05

Who is this long and lean preteen???

2017-06-10 19.31.17

2017-06-10 19.32.00

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