Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Toohig Tidbits: May

HG loves song lyrics. When she heard Ed Sheeran’s “I’m in love with the shape of you,” she said, “That’s something he should keep to himself.”

While HG and I snuck into Cressey’s room one morning to wake her up, I said to HG, “She looks like an angel baby.” HG said, “That’s because she IS an angel baby.”

HG looked over at Cressey sleeping in her car seat and said, “She’s so pretty. I’m so glad she’s mine.”

When I woke up Cressey one morning, she was so sweaty. I said, “Cressey, you are so hot!” She starting blowing like she does when her food is hot! That girl always has food on her mind!

HG made her own waffle for breakfast one morning. “Hard work tastes a lot better.”

HG, Cress, and I had a long night of Cress screaming and HG having a tummyache. As I went back and forth between their rooms, HG looked at me and said, “Mama, I’m sorry for keeping you awake.”

“I don’t know what to do with boys these days!”

“I can’t keep up with my boys!” (on asking if it were Holt or Rowan coming to play)

As we drove home from school, we pulled up to a four-way stop sign with an “all way” sign on it. HG said, “Mama, that means you have to stop all the way, not just half way.”

“Who needs birthday presents when you have your mama?!” (in bed on her birthday)

“Who knew reading books could be so much fun?!” (first day of summer)

HG has been nervous about cantering, and we’ve spent a lot of (teary) time talking about how she will have to be brave, give it a try, and get used to it before she feels confident doing it. I overheard her telling John about her day at the barn, and when she told him that mama said she’d be less nervous about cantering if she practiced, I about fell over. Maybe she does listen sometimes!

Clapping and standing on her own

2017-05-01 15.19.34

A little ride with Jake

2017-05-01 16.09.50

A typical school morning

2017-05-03 07.10.35

An after school treat with Elise before gymnastics

2017-05-03 14.33.26

We worked SO HARD on this spelling test and she ACED it, so I had to hang it on the fridge!

2017-05-03 18.14.00

2017-05-04 15.16.15

2017-05-05 07.03.01

Little bit just wanted that flower crown so badly!

2017-05-05 15.12.19

2017-05-05 15.22.55

Crazy cat

2017-05-05 18.03.23

Baby blue eyes

2017-05-08 16.46.49-1

2017-05-08 16.48.34

It’s five o’clock somewhere!

2017-05-09 11.12.30 HDR-1

She loves to cuddle with her kitty cat (Spiffer) and lamb (Hasseltines) in her bed.

2017-05-09 13.39.49

Little Miss Bella Berkowitz arrived on April 9th! Since Christy has been there on the day of each of our girls’ births, you better believe we were trucking it to the hospital as soon as John got off work. Cressey and I were there too, but I wasn’t letting her get too close to that brand new baby!

2017-05-09 17.07.33

2017-05-09 17.10.50

First time trying on clothes with Mama in a dressing room

2017-05-10 14.42.07

2017-05-10 17.03.25

Standing up for a LONG time on her own

2017-05-11 12.27.44

And up to no good!

2017-05-11 15.15.37

She loves sitting in a chair like a big girl

2017-05-11 16.39.44

Look at Bubba’s happiness- ahh!

2017-05-11 17.31.26

2017-05-11 18.09.19 HDR

We finally made it to Big River Crossing.

2017-05-13 13.55.08

2017-05-13 13.59.41

2017-05-13 14.25.00

2017-05-14 17.47.51

“Too tight, sissy!”

2017-05-16 07.21.52

While this might look like she’s passed out, she is actually in the middle of a full on FIT! Face plant!

2017-05-16 18.12.50-1

And five seconds later, she’s fine!

2017-05-16 18.13.28

Daddy has his arms full!

2017-05-16 18.15.44-1-1

She’s fascinated with the buttons on the washing machine, but with Blue within reach, it’s even better!

2017-05-17 09.24.42

Cooking it up with Blue

2017-05-18 09.19.15

2017-05-18 10.18.45

2017-05-18 10.23.46

She spends so much time sitting in the den floor, surrounded by books.

2017-05-18 12.47.58

Watch out, Blue!

2017-05-18 14.00.30

2017-05-18 15.28.29 HDR

John, HG, and I were planning on going down to BBQ fest, but plans changed at the last minute, although Cressey’s babysitter was already on her way. When I suggested that HG and I go get our nails done and then meet John for dinner, her squeals nearly burst my ear drums! She was just beside herself. She picked out our colors. (Well, really, I picked out the pink, she stole it from me, told me I couldn’t have her color, and then she chose the blue.)

2017-05-18 18.29.37

2017-05-18 19.14.57

SAA-SDS 2nd grade field trip to the Children’s Museum

2017-05-19 09.45.58

2017-05-19 12.19.09-1

2017-05-19 12.20.30

HG and John rode in charity bike ride (in the POURING rain) for Miles for Milla. They rode six miles (starting at Wiseacre and going through Overton Park), HG refusing a raincoat and wanting to do more!

2017-05-20 10.09.53-12017-05-20 10.19.38

2017-05-20 22.53.07

Done and so proud of herself!

2017-05-20 10.56.34-1

Meanwhile, Cressey was TIRED of waiting with boring ole mama and was ready to GO.

2017-05-20 10.59.33

Found a heart shaped rock as we got in the car and dedicated it to Milla

2017-05-20 11.16.44-1

This is what Cress thought of missing naptime and waiting in the rain

2017-05-20 11.42.54

I came back from somewhere and ran into John and Cress taking a walk. I never get tired of seeing her face light up when she realizes it’s me.

2017-05-20 17.09.46 HDR

And some people wonder why he is named Blue…

2017-05-21 13.10.02

We went on our first family bike ride down the Wolf River trails. Cress was pretty complacent in her pull along but got mad when the sun got in her eyes. HG only had one minor incident when the lip of a driveway caught her close to our neighborhood. I expect plenty more family bike rides are in our summer’s future!

2017-05-21 14.40.22

Family dinner at McAlisters, HG had to help her grandmothers entertain that busy baby.

2017-05-21 18.32.53

2017-05-22 08.38.16

2017-05-23 07.07.53

2017-05-23 13.34.41

First day of summer and already reading her birthday books from Nana (May 26th)

2017-05-26 12.35.56

Strokes swim class with Mrs. Lori and her SAA buddies

2017-05-26 15.56.02

John sent these next two pics to me while HG and I were wrapping up with the SAA birthday slumber party crowd

2017-05-27 07.50.45

2017-05-27 09.06.03

I’m getting more and more of these sweet cuddles lately. Thank you, Lord!

2017-05-27 23.25.46

Holding her bottle on her own

2017-05-28 08.01.39

Middle of the night cuddles

2017-05-28 10.35.48

First Jeep ride

2017-05-28 13.20.28

First swing ride (at the Browns’)- was NOT a fan

2017-05-28 16.12.56

First sisters’ Jeep ride

2017-05-28 16.31.49

I caught them holding hands, much to HG’s chagrin.

2017-05-28 17.20.21

Memorial Day pool fun

2017-05-29 13.45.21

2017-05-29 13.45.25

2017-05-29 13.48.24-1

2017-05-29 14.03.15

2017-05-29 14.05.10

2017-05-29 14.24.51

2017-05-29 15.05.13

2017-05-29 15.06.57 HDR

Just chilling in mama’s lap after my morning milky

2017-05-30 14.04.07

Our sweet neighbor, Marcy, invited HG over to play one afternoon. They baked brownies and made necklaces. We call it Camp Marcy, and HG jumps at any chance to walk down to see her!

2017-05-30 14.04.08

2017-05-30 19.47.11

HG has started making scrambled eggs for Cress and then feeding them to her. I am so impressed at her helpfulness!

2017-05-31 08.10.04

After a swim play date, HG planned on spending the night with some buddies and met them at their softball game. Cress had to come along for the drop off, and her friends took her out of my arms as usual. She was happy to be passed around.

2017-05-31 18.37.53

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