Saturday, April 2, 2016

Toohig Tidbits: Late March

We were on the interstate, and as I passed a car, she started screaming, "Boo! Booooo!" I looked over to see State stickers on the car, and she said, "Those people vote for Mississippi State!"

As she got out of the car one morning at school, she complained about how tight the space between the door and doorframe was as she tried to pull her backpack through. "It's like I'm trying to drag a dog out of a doghouse!"

I was showing her some highlights from different singers’ turns on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke show (Justin Bieber, Stevie Wonder, New Direction, Rod Stewart, etc.). She was not impressed and asked, “Why isn't Taylor {Swift} on here?!”

We stopped at Walgreens to get milk one night, and HG wanted to go in with John. He put her to work (“you carry what you drink”), and I caught this gem on their way out.
2016-03-26 19.43.57

On Better Monday, the girls were still out of school, so the Tansey twins decided to celebrate their birthday that afternoon with a scavenger hunt in a ZEBRA LIMO! Grandma dropped HG off at their house, and I was planning on picking her up at the end of the party. Grandma just had to call me to convey HG’s excitement when that limo pulled up- so cute! As the parents waited on the curb for the girls to come back, the limo pulled up with girls yelling out both windows and the music bumping. HG bounded out of the limo, handed me a plastic champagne flute (with remnants of Pirate Booty), and kept running to the backyard. Well, okay! Gotta watch out for these Catholic school girls!
2016-03-28 15.53.20-1
2016-03-28 19.37.05

Spiffer and GD gave HG some silly string in her Easter basket, so they came over one afternoon after school to make good on their promise to put it to good use (outside and away from the house, Mama’s rules). HG hasn’t stopped talking about how much fun it was. (Mama watched from inside the kitchen window.)
2016-03-28 17.05.59
2016-03-28 17.06.00

GD picked HG up from school one day, and she wanted to go to his office to play. They found rolly pollies, she frollicked in some blossoms, and she pressed her face up to the mirrored glass to find someone inside looking back at her!

And she makes fun of me for sticking my tongue out to concentrate!
2016-03-29 16.18.19
HG made a 103 on her last math test, and look at these bonus points she earned with ‘up and down math.’ I just can’t get over how quickly she’s picking up new things.
2016-03-31 15.17.59
2016-03-31 19.10.02
Mrs. Barksdale is expecting a baby too, and she had her gender reveal party at school this past week. The girls were supposed to wear a uniform the color of their gender guess, and of course, all but three of them wore pink. They were surprised to find out that Barksdale Baby #2 is going to be a BOY!
2016-04-01 07.06.59
Poor kitty
2016-04-01 15.47.40
As John pointed out, we will become a family of four BEFORE our milk expires. WHOA!
2016-04-01 20.26.47

We celebrated Ann Maxwell’s 7th birthday (where did the time go?!) with a roller skating party. HG hadn’t been on skates in a while and was a little nervous about it, but once we got there, she took off with the little helper thing and didn’t look back. She and Ann Maxwell were even dancing in the middle of the rink by the end of the party!
2016-04-02 12.57.59
We struggled to get a pic of the two of them. If only we could combine these two pics!
2016-04-02 13.22.38
2016-04-02 13.22.40
Dancing girl
2016-04-02 13.29.58
“Watch how fast I can go, Mama!”
2016-04-02 13.31.41
2016-04-02 13.37.50

She passed Mrs. Barksdale’s shoe tying test on Friday, so we celebrated with a treat trip to Target. (She chose a turtle Tiny Pets.) On the way out, she had to have a sit on one of the Target balls. This never gets old to her for some reason.
2016-04-02 14.53.14
At the park in GD and Spiffer’s neighborhood, she went straight for the monkey bars. She can’t get enough of them now that she’s mastered them!
2016-04-02 16.54.59

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