Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Toohig Tidbits: Early April (“BC”–Before Cressey)

Last family dinner on Sunday, April 3rd, at Mellow Mushroom
2016-04-03 18.10.06
At registration this year, we signed HG up for the birthday library book club. She got to choose her book, a chapter book about kitty cats, and she was so excited her name would be in it in the library forever.
2016-04-04 15.52.06
The temps are staying in the high 60s and low 70s, and since all of my maternity clothes are long sleeved, I am HOT. I finally dug through mine from HG’s pregnancy and found this short sleeved one which saved me!
2016-04-05 07.00.54
Crazy Linda’s Brain Freeze is open for HG’s first sno cone of 2016!
2016-04-05 15.49.08
2016-04-05 19.22.08
Can you tell her mama is about to have a baby (this is April 6th) and is too tired to care anymore? Why not have cookies for breakfast sitting on the bar?
2016-04-06 06.19.00
GD took her to school one morning and got her tickled over spelling words. While the two of us were playing in the driveway with a ball after school one day, she didn't want me to lean over to pick it up because I might do like GD's puppy from childhood who fell over when he drank water because his head was so big- but my tummy was so big. LOL!
2016-04-06 07.33.48
We have started an addiction. Every day HG wants a sno cone, so we headed to Jerry’s on the 6th.
2016-04-06 14.33.09-1
Since HG was planning on spending the night of the 7th at Spiffer and GD’s so that she can be ready to come on to the hospital on the 8th, we had our last after-dinner cuddle on the couch before we have another Toohig lady snuggling with us (outside of utero, of course). She slept in my bed that night, and when she woke up, the first words out of her mouth were, "Now tell me what sweet treats you want me to bring you in the hospital."
2016-04-06 18.43.34-2
On Thursday the 7th, I stayed home from work and followed my mama’s instructions to just lay in the bed in the morning. It was really hard to forget all the things I needed to be doing around the house, but I kept reminding myself how long it would be before I’d be alone in a quiet house again! Momo and Blue enjoyed the slow morning too. After I picked up HG from school, Spiffer and GD came over to pick her up, and they headed to Seafood Junction for dinner with Bubba. After all the anxiety I had had about leaving HG for the last time as an only child, I had to ask her to come back to give me a hug and kiss as she ran to their car. It was no big deal to her- I think God knew what I needed!
2016-04-07 11.22.01
During the day on Thursday, a thought hit me like a brick. All these years, I felt like my joy had been stolen after each time I started my period, I got a negative pregnancy test, or a transfer was unsuccessful. It dawned on me that perhaps God was putting all of that lost joy in a box, and now he was letting me open the box and let joy flow unendingly. I cried most of the rest of the day as I thought about that metaphorical box opening and spreading joy far and wide.

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