Saturday, April 2, 2016

One Last Cressey Update Before She Arrives

After years of dreaming about what it would be like to be a family of four, we are within one week of meeting face-to-face the little miracle that will cause that dream and prayer to come true. She is scheduled to arrive via a c-section on Friday, April 8th, at 7:30 a.m., if she doesn’t decide to make an appearance earlier.

I am a bit paranoid/nervous since I’ve a) never been this pregnant and b) never felt a contraction, so I really feel like I’m flying blind. I’ve had my last doctor’s appointment (Friday, April 1st, at 38 weeks 4 days), so I’m watching my blood pressure like a hawk and paying attention to every little pang or cramp. I had a really long night the night before my appointment with some sharp pains on my lower right side, but Dr. Neblett wasn’t worried a bit (thought it could have been round ligament pain or something muscular). He said my blood pressure was great and well within normal range and that he’d see me bright and early on Friday morning. AHHH! Thankfully, she is a very, very active baby and keeps kicking me (or hiccuping) to let me know she's doing just fine and enjoying her stay. Despite the amount of hair she has, I have had very little heartburn until this last week. Now, I feel the burn every night when I lay down (and some other random times throughout the day), but a pillow or two (and some Zantac) help make it bearable.

Helen Grace is convinced every day is going to be Cressey’s birthday, and she is so adamant that it makes me on edge all day! She knows exactly how many days are left until the 8th and talks to my belly to tell Cressey how excited she is for her to be here. She’s still convinced she will be the first person to hold her. Not sure how many other {polite} ways we can tell her to get in line behind Mama and Daddy, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there!

HG still gets excited to open her sister’s presents.
2016-03-24 18.55.53
2016-03-24 18.56.16
2016-03-24 18.57.54
Easter weekend (March 26th)- 37 weeks 5 days (photo cred to HG)
2016-03-26 20.57.54
Last Dr. Neblett appointment (April 1st)- 38 weeks 4 days
2016-04-01 13.07.58
At this ultrasound appointment, I got to see a little sneak peak of her sweet face, to see her yawn several times, and to watch her practice breathing, but I didn’t get to see how much she weighed. I’m guessing a little over 8 pounds. My amniotic fluid index was down just a little bit (9 cm to last time’s 10 cm), but it was still well within normal range. My total weight gain is still around 25-30 pounds, thanks to this dang, limiting GD diet. I had to wait over two hours this time when Dr. Neblett had to leave to deliver a baby (which I obviously have no room to complain about), so after I finally left, I rewarded myself with a chocolate milkshake. I will sometimes have a drag or two of HG’s, but this time, I savored the entire thing to myself and it was WONDERFUL.
2016-04-01 13.09.54

Saturday night, Spiffer and GD offered to keep HG overnight, and John organized a last date night for us at Mesquite. We had a great, long meal (with a ridiculously delicious chocolate dessert) and enjoyed catching up on our week and dreaming about what this coming week/weekend will look like. Now that John’s quarter end has passed and I have gotten my hair done and a last massage squeezed in, Cressey is free to come anytime. We are joyously awaiting the blessing of becoming a family of four- at long last!
2016-04-02 18.03.14-1
2016-04-02 19.11.12
Sunday brought the installation of Cressey's car seat (and a lot of debate between the three of us over where the two kiddos will sit in the backseat). For some reason, having this in the car has made it feel more real to all of us. HG is still wanting to move her booster over to the center to be next to Cressey. We'll see if she still feels that way this time next week!

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