Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Field Day & Fair Night

Last Friday was quite a big day for the Toohig girls.

First, mid-morning, Cressey had an outing with Mama and Spiffer to go to my two-week check up with Dr. Neblett. She did great for the car ride and waiting room, and Dr. Neblett was happy to see her. Due to an emergency for the doc, we made it through the appointment pretty quickly and then grabbed some lunch at Holiday Ham (where we ran into two other SAA mamas who were so *happy* to meet Cressey).

After lunch, Cressey, Spiffer, and I ran over to SAA to see HG for her first lower school field day. As soon as she saw us, HG left her spot on the line up for tug of war to run over to see her sister. Her friends all ran over too, and she was happy as could be to introduce all of them to Cressey. (Don’t worry- I was wearing her in a carrier, so no little fingers touched her.) HG participated in tug of war, a plastic chicken relay, a relay on the track, and a wet sponge race, and when the rest of us were ready to go, she insisted on leaving with us. We checked her out a little early so that she could come on home.

Later that night, Ginna and Sallie Key came by to pick up HG for a fun night out at Springfest. HG has never met a fair she didn’t like, but I was a little nervous about how many rides she’d actually try. Sure enough, Sallie Key was what she needed to be brave, and they rode all kinds of rides waaaayyyy into the night. (I texted Ginna at 9:00 as I was getting into bed, and they were still going strong!) 

When she came home on Saturday afternoon, I was surprised to see that HG had gotten a GOLDFISH at the fair. Apparently, someone was handing them out at the exit (geez!), but at least Ginna picked up and brought over all the supplies “Freckles” needed. After we caught Blue on the kitchen table trying to get a good look at him, I think John has convinced HG that he needs to move in with Grandma for his longest life expectancy!

After our busy Friday, it is fair to say that we all went to bed early and easily on Saturday night!

Waiting to see Dr. Neblett
2016-04-22 10.35.22
2016-04-22 10.47.58
Eating out at Holiday Ham
2016-04-22 12.07.35
SAA First Graders ready to rock field day!
2016-04-22 16.10.01
The girls went nuts to see Cressey. (Of course, they didn’t touch her- just peeked inside the carrier.)
2016-04-22 13.04.05
2016-04-22 13.07.29
2016-04-22 13.07.40 HDR-2
2016-04-22 16.08.47
2016-04-22 16.08.54
2016-04-22 13.15.57
2016-04-22 13.43.55
2016-04-22 13.47.17
2016-04-22 14.03.34

Waiting in the driveway for Sallie Key to come get HG
2016-04-22 17.16.59
“Just me and the ‘rents on Friday night!”
2016-04-22 18.22.43
2016-04-22 19.38.23
2016-04-22 19.47.52
2016-04-22 19.49.23
They ran into Mariella too!
2016-04-22 19.56.55
2016-04-22 20.29.44
That’s her on the far left with the big goofy grin on her face. She rode the swings THREE times!
2016-04-22 21.16.45

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