Monday, April 18, 2016


I’m apologizing in advance for the picture overload. Here are some shots from our first week at home.

Cressey regularly had hiccups in utero, and she continues to be plagued by them now, as well as sneezing fits. She is generally an easy eater and sleeper (much easier than HG was). We are working on finding the right kind of formula (due to a little spit up or gas) and she sleeps in shorter spurts at night than in the day, but you can put her in the bassinet awake and she’ll put herself to sleep. HG has commented on how ‘ladylike’ she is with her little legs crossed. She often makes this hilariously adorable little grunting noise (see video below). She's making better eye contact by the day, and she'll grab a good hold of you now. She's a fan of a paci and is comforted by it but doesn't have a meltdown without one.

2016-04-11 09.18.55
2016-04-11 10.12.26
2016-04-11 12.26.37
2016-04-11 14.29.30
Doing homework with Sissy
2016-04-11 18.36.47
2016-04-11 18.37.24
2016-04-12 11.23.21
A little smile there…
2016-04-12 13.35.51
2016-04-12 14.26.48
2016-04-12 14.43.28
2016-04-12 15.43.10
While we were eating dinner one night, the doorbell rang and HG ran to see who it was. She was thrilled to see it was an Edible Arrangement for HER from our neighbors. She got to sign the form and everything. She was so excited!
2016-04-12 17.33.03
2016-04-12 17.41.51
2016-04-13 11.46.49
2016-04-13 12.10.32
2016-04-13 15.06.18
2016-04-13 15.31.58
This is when the “that was my lap first, Cressey” comment happened…
2016-04-13 18.10.25
As soon as gets home from school, she runs in the house, grabs the baby, and pulls her into her lap. She’s even refused an after school snack for GD in an effort to get home quicker- “Take me home to see Cressey!”
2016-04-14 16.07.15
2016-04-14 16.57.23
2016-04-15 09.59.58
On John’s last day of leave, we decided to get out for lunch (and a glass of wine) and met GD and Spiffer for sushi. Cressey slept through the whole thing.
2016-04-15 13.30.28
CF6C3998CF6C40002016-04-15 15.09.11-1
2016-04-15 15.41.42
2016-04-15 17.33.49
2016-04-15 19.18.02
On Friday night, HG slept in my bed as usual. I fell asleep on her shoulder as she watched tv.
2016-04-15 19.54.33
She was absolutely NO help with her sister. She would just groan and roll over when C woke up during the night.
2016-04-16 02.25.37
I missed a sister kiss by a split second.
2016-04-16 09.31.37
2016-04-16 09.47.47
HG and I like to snuggle in this chair in our den, and she told me in the last weeks of my pregnancy that I was too big to fit in the chair with her anymore. So as C and I sat in it, she came over and crawled in. It was tight still, but we fit!
2016-04-16 13.52.11
2016-04-16 16.49.14
2016-04-16 17.07.06
After storytime in HG’s bed one night…both my girls CONKED OUT.
2016-04-16 20.19.08-1
Look at that lip!
2016-04-17 04.43.33
2016-04-17 15.31.13
2016-04-17 15.31.55-2
Holding her own bottle already
2016-04-17 16.19.56
IMG_20160418_125650 (1)

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