Monday, April 18, 2016

Cressey Comes Home

By Sunday morning, I was still hurting and moving slowly, but we were READY to get home to HG and our bed and to figure out our new normal. Dr. Neblett rounded early that morning and started our discharge process. By 9:30, they had us ready to leave (way before we expected), and Grandma and HG arrived just in time for HG to hold the baby and for Grandma to help us throw all of our stuff in bags and get it down to the car.

HG was so excited to have Cressey in the back seat with her and moved her booster seat over to the middle to sit next to her. We got play by play updates from her the whole ride home. “Oh, her eyes are closed because of the bright sun! Oh, now she’s opened them!”

When we got home, HG just wanted to sit on the couch and hold her. Generally, the kitties have not been interested and have stayed away. John did bring Mo over, and he sniffed her carefully and then ran off. Much to her dismay, I made HG lay down with me for an hour nap. She fought it but was asleep within minutes of her head hitting the pillow, and Mo curled up against her.

Late afternoon, Ryves, Mary Chris, Darby, and Mary Mason came by to meet Cressey. Darby was in heaven as the “big cousin” to MM and Cressey. The rest of the night was a blur as we got ready for school on Monday.

Thankfully, John took off work all week and was an *enormous* help with an extra pair of hands with feedings and diaper changes and jumping in to entertain HG. The two of them had a lot of good quality time. Not to mention, he was the only way I was able to physically get out of the bed or off the couch for a few days. I think he’s a little happy to get back to work and away from honey-do’s. Ha!

Also, without our parents, we wouldn’t have eaten much over this past week. We are so thankful to them for the frozen casseroles, pizzas, and fast food runs. We greatly appreciate how we could text them in the middle of the night for babysitting help the next day and they show up at the crack of dawn to take over let us go back to bed. Now that’s true love!

Dr. Neblett is absolutely the best.


Ready to get out of this hospital so we can sleep in our own bed!

2016-04-10 08.36.43

Sissy is ready to go too.

2016-04-10 10.19.30

Cressey is wearing the same gown that HG wore when we brought her home from the hospital.

2016-04-10 14.09.02


These little shoes were HG’s, but I updated them with Cressey’s monogram.




Look at that happy face!


We made it home!







2016-04-10 11.54.38

2016-04-10 12.41.27


2016-04-10 13.55.59

2016-04-10 17.12.25

2016-04-10 17.45.10

Darby meeting Cressey

2016-04-10 18.05.00

2016-04-10 18.05.37

We knew this time was coming- Blue trying to investigate what exactly is in that bassinet. I spent the rest of the night with one leg hanging out of the covers and ready to bump him back onto the bed. As far as I know, he never made it in!

2016-04-10 21.32.13

Sweet dreams

2016-04-11 01.39.37

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