Sunday, March 20, 2016

Easter Bunny is on his way!

On Saturday, March 19th, we met the Hudsons at the zoo on a beautiful but chilly day (in the mid to high 50s). HG was most excited about chasing the boys around, and we were thankful that it kept her warm and her mind off the cool breeze, although it resulted in a very dramatic blister! We barely saw any animals, but we sure did let her get her face painted and made a stop at the carousel. As John and I stood on the side and watched her ride, we laughed at how it would be one of the last times that we could stand by and watch our kiddo, as she was able to get herself completely settled and then came right back to us. We’ve gotten one child to the point of independence, and we are just about to start at the beginning all over again! And for the record, HG was a big girl about her face paint and wore it proudly to mass and to family dinner afterward- not a single complaint.

2016-03-19 14.35.32
2016-03-19 14.37.10
2016-03-19 14.58.06 HDR
2016-03-19 15.00.58
2016-03-19 15.05.51
2016-03-19 15.19.14
2016-03-19 15.20.00
2016-03-19 15.32.47
2016-03-19 15.32.58
2016-03-19 15.46.41

On Sunday, March 20th, we started the morning off lazily by dyeing (glitter, of course) Easter eggs in our pjs. Then, we finally got ourselves together and met the Eldreds at Cedar Hill Farm to hunt some Easter eggs. Since we had been so chilly at the zoo on Saturday, we bundled up in our puffy coats since it was in the mid-40s on Sunday, but we were still COLD. HG rode a pony, and then the kiddos fed the animals. While we were playing with the goats, it started SNOWING, and the sleet kept up in spurts the rest of the afternoon. So bizarre! (We seem to have started an unusual and unfortunate tradition. See last year’s neighborhood egg hunt.) We rode the tractor out to hunt some candy, I mean eggs, then they played on the playground until they couldn’t feel their hands, and finally we rounded off the afternoon with hot chocolate. A quick but fun outing with our friends!

2016-03-20 09.02.39
2016-03-20 09.03.23
2016-03-20 09.03.43
2016-03-20 09.07.20
2016-03-20 10.11.28
2016-03-20 10.11.45
2016-03-20 13.30.11
2016-03-20 13.33.31
2016-03-20 13.35.00
2016-03-20 13.40.26
2016-03-20 13.42.57-1
“What?! It’s snowing?!”
2016-03-20 13.43.16
2016-03-20 13.43.22 HDR
2016-03-20 13.43.23
2016-03-20 13.43.46
She was determined to get past the big goats and get some feed to these two little baby goats.
2016-03-20 13.45.39
2016-03-20 13.57.45
Since she wouldn’t agree to take a pic with me, I pretended to take a selfie and then panned it over to snap her in it. “You tricked me, Mama!”
2016-03-20 13.57.59
She’s a sucker for a tire swing! She got brave this time and climbed up to sit on top. “Just swing me once, Mama!”
2016-03-20 14.12.22
2016-03-20 14.12.38
2016-03-20 14.13.13
2016-03-20 14.18.14

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