Sunday, March 29, 2015

Snowflakes and Easter Eggs

On Saturday, the nice weather we’ve been having took a turn for the worst, and for our neighborhood Easter egg hunt, it was literally snowing. SNOWING. There’s a first for everything!

I hadn’t told HG that the Easter Bunny was going to make an appearance for fear she’d flee, but she saw him from afar and was alright with him being there. She didn’t want to approach him alone, but Sallie Key went with her and she bravely gave him a hug. Progress!

She was chomping at the bit to get some eggs, and she drug me along for the hunt, running at full speed. After every child found their 12 eggs, they let the big kids have at the rest of them, which sent everyone into a frenzy. HG was late to the game, but when we looked UP, we found several eggs hidden on top of the brick columns along the fence. You would have thought that she’d struck gold!

After the hunt, we spent the afternoon at Grandma’s visiting with Aunt Edie and Uncle Gene who are in town, and then after mass, we met Spiffer and Granddaddy for dinner. Great {and cold} day! 

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