Sunday, February 7, 2016

Toohig Tidbits: Late January

After I spent the weekend in Jackson, I came home to a very clingy HG. She asked if I could lay down with her in my bed, so we watched “Grease Live” while she held my hand. In the middle of the night, she came to the side of my bed and said, “I didn’t get enough loving from mama.” Of course, that worked, and I got up and got in her bed. Once there, she said, “Everyone should hang on to mama’s arm. It’s so cozy,” and went right back to sleep.

On a Wednesday morning, HG and I were about to walk out the door to school. She looks at me as we are about to leave and says, “Oh, mama, you’re not going out like that. Those are pajama pants!” For the record, they were workout pants (not pajama pants), I did not sleep in them, and above all, it was my day off!! I had to run into SAA to drop off a box, and I stuck my head in her classroom to say hi to Mrs. Barksdale. She was laughing that she had forgotten something while she was teaching, and HG piped up, “Oh, baby brain, don’t worry about it- happens to my mom all the time!”

The next morning, I was putting on gray tights, and HG said, “You can’t wear gray, mama! Only old ladies wear gray because it matches their hair- like Bubba!”

She was watching a One Direction video in the backseat, and all of a sudden, she said, “Mama! That boy is CUTE! The one with white sticky up hair and glasses- oooh!” Time, slow down!

Look at this angel
2016-01-18 21.58.36
What do you do on a snowy weekend? Make a pallet in mama and daddy’s room and stay there for hours, of course!
2016-01-23 07.42.57
We were all getting a little stir crazy after a few days at home. (Mama was still in bed with her head cold.)
2016-01-23 10.45.14-1
HG has taken over Bubba’s old desk that now lives in our foyer. She likes to sit there and play. I only wish she would actually use this for a homework desk!
2016-01-23 11.14.25
Well, I guess that’s another use for the Boppy…
2016-01-23 22.07.25
2016-01-24 09.12.56
2016-01-24 09.44.11
2016-01-24 10.59.50
Riding Jake this week at riding lessons
2016-01-24 11.45.37
Can’t remember why she was so crazy, but I love that you can see how blue her eyes are here.
2016-01-24 14.28.40
2016-01-25 05.35.43
2016-01-25 20.25.09
2016-01-25 20.36.03
Caught having fun by Mrs. Mungle at the winter pep rally
2016-01-26 14.57.18
She has confiscated a bunny rabbit blanket that was given to Cressey and now claims she and Cressey can share it… She wanted me to take a pic of her and all her dear friends- Blankey, Lovey, Henry, and “Fufu.”
2016-01-27 18.47.56
100th Day of First Grade
2016-01-28 15.53.16
After school ice cream date with Tyler and Ryan. We miss them now that they’ve changed schools, but the kids picked up right where they left off!
2016-01-28 16.05.22
While I was in Jackson for Emily’s shower, John and Grandma took HG to her riding lesson, and Addie tagged along. Ms. Louise taught her that morning, and she was very sweet to let Addie have a try too!
2016-01-31 11.36.18
2016-01-31 11.38.01
2016-01-31 11.41.38
2016-01-31 11.44.24
2016-01-31 11.44.37
Cantering on Beanie

 2016-01-31 20.10.52
Maybe it’s because of Valentine’s around the corner, but HG’s spelling sentences this week really took an interesting turn. (See ‘boy’ and ‘destroy’ sentences.)
2016-02-01 16.48.42-1
2016-02-01 19.03.43
2016-02-03 07.47.12
2016-02-03 07.51.51

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