Sunday, February 14, 2016

Toohig Tidbits: February

While making corn dip for a Super Bowl party, she tasted a bite and said, “Now that’s just a bowl of goodness.”

Ms. Louise has been full of compliments for her lately at the barn. She tells John/me that she is so grown up and mature, very calm, and a great listener.

I’m noticing this more often lately, but on the way to school on Feb 8th, she did not want to watch a movie. She wanted to ‘talk,’ and talk she did for the next 45 minutes!

She set up an obstacle course for GD and Spiffer. When GD jumped over a pillow, she said, “Not bad for an old man!” She and Spiffer were talking something they needed to tell/teach Cressey, and HG said Spiffer could do it ‘if she were still around then!’

Helen Grace told me this weekend that my tummy was getting bigger. “And your booty too, mama!”

For the first 14 days of February, I am adding a heart to HG and John’s doors each day with things I love about them. HG is gettin into the spirit too and has added a few hearts to John’s door.
2016-02-04 17.20.15
2016-02-05 05.18.25
We got to see Selena Kate and meet Archer!
2016-02-07 12.03.13
2016-02-07 14.24.37
2016-02-07 14.24.41
2016-02-07 14.33.24
2016-02-07 15.26.27-1
2016-02-07 15.44.01
Super Bowl party at the Browns means stunts for HG and Addie
2016-02-07 18.55.28
2016-02-07 18.55.33
2016-02-07 19.53.54
Morning peepers…John found these two like this one morning as he was about to leave for work.
2016-02-09 05.59.14-1
2016-02-09 05.59.32

Fat Tuesday was a really fun day at school with king cakes, Mardi Gras masks, and a parade around school throwing out beads. She came home dropping all kinds of Mardi Gras knowledge (and how it corresponds with Lent), and we had to Google some of it to confirm! She (and SAA) is teaching us a lot!
2016-02-09 15.05.31
2016-02-09 15.07.08
Ash Wednesday
2016-02-10 10.54.08
2016-02-12 06.50.10
Dinner at Fazoli’s with GD and Spiffer is always a hit.
2016-02-12 18.01.43
Sweetest voicemail ever- while I was in Jackson for Em’s shower

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