Sunday, February 14, 2016

Getting Ready for Cressey

January 30, 2016: 29 weeks 5 days
2016-01-30 09.49.05
February 3, 2016: 30 weeks 2 days
2016-02-03 13.01.22
HG’s drawings for Cressey
2016-02-04 20.15.44
John and I are on the swings on the left. Grandma is at the top of the slide with Cressey, and Spiffer is ready to catch her at the bottom. HG is at the table underneath. Granddaddy is inside “changing lightbulbs.” LOL!
2016-02-04 20.15.59
Time to get Cressey’s bed ready. HG was a big helper, as usual. She was testing the bed to figure out which side was the toddler side and then newborn side.
2016-02-13 13.12.30
Arranging all of her toys in the bed
2016-02-13 13.17.13
Of course, Blue wanted to help too.
2016-02-13 13.25.18
And Mocha couldn’t be left out. It was funny that, as the ‘veteran cat,’ Mo stayed on the fringes and watched (until I sat down to go through clothes and then he joined me). Blue, on the other hand, had to be nosy and in the middle of the action.
2016-02-13 14.37.00
This is HG’s bed and bedding. I did have the center panel with HG’s initials removed and then added Cressey’s name. Thankfully, HG has been pretty sweet about sharing her old stuff.
2016-02-13 15.20.21
2016-02-13 15.20.29
She helped me sort all of her shoes and accessories and organized them in drawers for me.
2016-02-13 15.37.03
February 14, 2016: 31 weeks 6 days
2016-02-14 09.56.28
Mama and her girls
2016-02-14 12.02.54

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Heather said...

Just wanted to stop my and say congrats on your new bundle! I didn't know you were expecting! I'm getting back into blogging you seem to be one of the only people who blog anymore! Congrats!