Monday, November 9, 2015

Halloween 2015: A Musketeer

HG was out of school the day before Halloween for parent-teacher conferences, so HG asked to continue her tradition of making Halloween cookies with Spiffer. They made some gooey monster eyeball cookies, which were delicious.IMG_0067IMG_0068IMG_0081IMG_0089On the morning of Halloween, HG and John celebrated Annabella’s birthday on the ice. It was pouring down rain and freezing outside (which cancelled HG’s soccer game), so we were thankful for a fun, indoor distraction.2015-10-31 13.31.082015-10-31 14.27.492015-10-31 14.33.252015-10-31 14.49.47The musketeer is ready to party! (She found this costume in a magazine and never looked back.)CF6C3522CF6C3541The forecast called for a very rainy night, so HG came up with all kinds of things to do in case we were stuck inside. First up, a photo booth with props…2015-10-31 17.04.552015-10-31 17.07.312015-10-31 17.35.08Addie, the Cookie Monster, arrived, and the rain held off.2015-10-31 17.41.21And then the Mattice girls!2015-10-31 18.06.29HG was ready at her post for the trick or treaters. She did decide later to trick or treat a bit with Addie, but she did not let John or me go with her. She only let CB go with them. Boooo.2015-10-31 18.12.40We saw Sallie Key, the Southern Belle!2015-10-31 18.51.49Playing pin the sticker on the skeleton2015-10-31 19.31.21HG’s rules stated you could aim for these areas…2015-11-01 13.12.36And Elijah was a big fan of HG and let her carry him around.2015-10-31 19.59.14IMG_0095Lawson and Rowan came by for late night!2015-10-31 20.35.152015-10-31 20.51.32HG retired to her pjs by 8:00, and then the delirium set in…2015-10-31 20.56.50CIMG1181CIMG11842015-10-31 21.04.08HG made this sign to hang by the back door.2015-11-01 13.12.08And this art project from school was perfect for the party vibes too. She actually planned on bobbing for apples and wrapping each other as mummies, but they ended up having too much fun with the other activities (and chasing the kitties). We had a great night and were so thankful the rain held off long enough for us to have some trick or treat fun!2015-11-01 13.13.02

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