Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Toohig Tidbits

HG wanted to try reading nursery rhymes on her own at bedtime. I was prompting her with, “Little Bo Peep has...?” She responded, “A problem?”

“HG, what’d you do at school today?” “Chased boys!!!”

“Now we’re talking!”

She’s determined that she is magical and is intensely worried about hurting her friends’ feelings when they realize they are not magical.

“Mama, it’s not ‘martian.’ It’s ‘artian.’ It’s okay. I know it’s a big word.”

She was telling me about watching Land Before Time at Grandma’s, and she said the baby was ‘sep-apart’ from his mama.

Walking from building to building at school, her class found a cicada buzzing around upside down. She said, “I almost had a heart attack!”

“I can’t believe I’m going out in public like this!”

She heard William say something to the effect that ‘it flies in the face of everything,’ and she piped up with, “We have a lot of those here- last night we had two in the house!”

On the ride to school, she was in the backseat talking to her pretend boyfriend on her pretend phone, setting up her first date. “My mom is going to kill me!”

We’ve hit a bit of a wall about journaling at school and had our first day of ‘I don’t want to go to school.’ I emailed her teachers to let them know, and when she came out of school that day, she said that it was the best day ever. “The only tears I had were happy tears!” (Although she later recanted that she had ever cried. Regardless, I am so impressed with her teachers for turning it all around!)

She’s picked up Mrs. Mungle’s “Work that brain!”


We found Blue stuck in the tub with his big brothers just sitting on top laughing at him. Of course, we rescued him- after we took some quick pics!CF6C4788 CF6C4789 CF6C4792While sharing an after school cupcake, I noticed that our eyes are pretty much the same color of blue.2014-08-19 16.30.512014-08-21 06.10.57 She’s obsessed with her new purple flower headband.2014-08-21 14.49.15 She made this sign for Halloween…2014-08-21 17.18.05First UNO game- she made it through one and a half games.2014-08-23 10.05.41 2014-08-24 08.46.40 Perusing Bubba’s jewelry box for clip on earrings2014-08-24 15.46.33 2014-08-24 15.47.24 2014-08-24 15.47.32 Monster bubble bath…2014-08-24 17.26.18 2014-08-24 17.26.53 …that Blue couldn’t resist. Second night in a row that the cat jumped into the tub. He has a water problem!CF6C5162 CF6C5168 Can you believe this cuddle happened?!?!?!2014-08-25 22.21.34 I just came across this video from winter time that I don’t think I’ve shared. Dancing to Frozen was a nightly occurrence for several months. So cute.

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