Monday, August 18, 2014

Toohig Tidbits

“I wanna play…”2014-08-10 16.54.22Addie meets Blue2014-08-10 17.23.43 2014-08-10 18.09.43 Dinner out with the Browns2014-08-10 18.40.11 After dinner, HG rode home with Addie to spend the night with Grandma. Of course, Addie had to come in and see the goldfish.2014-08-10 19.27.17As soon as my alarm goes off, all the kitties want to cuddle. This was the first time they all laid together in harmony.2014-08-11 05.40.11“Be her,” Blue style.2014-08-12 15.43.42Naptime with the kitties2014-08-13 16.04.40-1 2014-08-13 16.40.58 Circus bear trying to see HG in the tub2014-08-14 17.30.08 Nighty night2014-08-14 19.12.09Kitty in a box2014-08-15 19.03.12A new kitty yoga pose2014-08-16 21.46.39 Singing (and dancing) in the rain on a Monday morning rainshower2014-08-18 07.04.28 The rain brought a rainbow!2014-08-18 07.09.01 And now we know where the end of the rainbow is…at Grandma’s house!2014-08-18 07.14.06 HG’s Yankee blood is coming out. She needed a fire tonight to warm up.2014-08-18 18.40.56

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