Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Toohig Tidbits- July

Family dinner at Lost Pizza2014-07-27 19.29.48 Bad kitten. He loves toilet paper.2014-07-29 08.06.56 HG asked to take our pictureIMG_6053 Up on the roof with Granddaddy2014-07-29 12.39.49 IMG_20140729_122017067 IMG_20140729_122134878 Play date with AMC and Emmaline2014-07-30 11.48.12 This little architect built a house for Blue. She even drew out plans to show me where she wanted the tape.2014-07-30 16.51.55 2014-07-30 16.52.52 After dinner with William at Newk’s and Gracie Bleu, she talked him into a race.2014-07-30 19.33.19 She told me, “Girls always win.”2014-07-30 19.33.20 Ooooh, life is tough when your recent best friend of a slug disappears. Note that she is wearing her blue dance recital outfit too. Time for bed!2014-07-31 17.56.10 This makes my heart so happy! First time with the Dust Buster2014-07-31 18.42.07 Very bad kitten. I spotted a movement in the dark dining room one night. A little gray blur…2014-07-31 19.28.58And again the next morning. This better not become a habit!2014-08-01 20.19.14

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