Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue, as Spiffer has taken to calling him, continues to commandeer the Toohig household and rule the roost. We had a family dinner cookout, per HG’s request, on Sunday night, and Blue enjoyed entertaining everyone and showing them his newest trick- see the video below. Meanwhile, Rebel and Momo were trying to get any ounce of attention they could find and avoiding the little blue hellion.

John took these pics of the prince on his throne that morning.

CF6C4625 CF6C4628 CF6C4643 CF6C4652 Attention-seeker in actionCF6C4662 CF6C4664 CF6C4668 CF6C4670

This is a ridiculous picture of us (thanks, GD), but we so wanted to capture what this crazy cat is doing!


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