Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Last Mommy Day Before SK

In my normal Type A personality, I wanted to do something oh-so-very-special on my last Wednesday (Mommy day) with Helen Grace before school starts. (She’ll be at school for a half day next Wednesday.) When I asked HG if there was anything that she still wanted to do this summer, she didn’t even hesitate when she said, “Nope.” So I tried to chill out and just do something fun and with family.

We decided to head downtown with Spiffer and GD to satisfy HG’s ‘city girl’ side, and we tracked down a mural on South Main that I’ve been eyeing for a while. Afterward, we ate lunch in the trolley at Spaghetti Warehouse- a BIG hit- and then headed to the Peabody to see the ducks and check out the rooftop.

We stopped for a quick visit back at Spiffer’s house and then back home for some artwork at the kitchen table, a feeding frenzy with ducks in the backyard, and dinner with our favorite dessert (oven roasted banana with chocolate chips and marshmallows).

We had an awesome day together full of laughter and memories.

 2014-08-05 11.16.03-22014-08-05 11.15.49 IMG_20140806_113553988 IMG_20140806_113917098 IMG_20140806_113929277 P1050649 P1050651 P1050653 CF6C4690 CF6C4699 CF6C4704 CF6C4715 CF6C4720 P1050670Re-enacting Bubba and Popa Frank’s engagement in the Peabody rooftop ballroom on the 9th anniversary of John proposing to me at Bubba’s house. Life comes full circle!CF6C4724 CF6C4726 CF6C4734 CF6C4737 CF6C4742 CF6C4747 CF6C4756 CF6C47592014-08-06 09.39.03 2014-08-06 17.42.19 2014-08-06 17.45.03

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