Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fourth Ride

We headed to Aintree Farm after school on Friday for HG’s favorite activity of the week- riding Beanie Baby! She woke up with a bit of a cough/cold this morning, so she wasn’t 100% but still gave it her best. We started off with a few tears (proof she didn’t feel good) because I wanted her to wear the pants and boots Ms. Jody gave her, and she didn’t dig the style. Hard times of being 5 and fashion forward. But the smile returned when she got inside. She got to paint Beanie Baby’s toenails (who knew?!), played a game where she got to draw smiley faces on the barn walls as she rode from corner to corner, and learned to do the ‘Around the World’ saddle trick (see video).

2014-08-29 15.57.31 2014-08-29 16.11.57-1 2014-08-29 16.21.13 

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