Monday, August 18, 2014

First Horseback Riding Lesson

After watching the American Girl McKenna movie two weeks ago, I expected HG to ask for me to get her into a gymnastics class, but what she came away with was an intense desire to take horseback riding lessons. She asked me that day, the next day, and then the following day. So I asked around to find out where she could go. Aintree Farm was the winner, and they invited her to come by last Friday afternoon to have a ride and see what she thinks.

She had hoped to ride a white horse, and we tried to set expectations that white horses are a bit rare. And wouldn’t you know that she was given a beautiful white pony named Beanie Baby?? She learned to ‘steer’ and to ‘jump’ over some planks on the ground and even some ‘up, downs.’ Afterward, they paraded her through the barn on Beanie Baby as they gave her a tour and let her pick out a PINK ribbon. She might have even enjoyed brushing and cleaning up Beanie Baby as much as she did the riding.

Judging by the big ole fat grin plastered across her face, I think she’s in love. Since she wouldn’t stop asking when she could go back, we’ve decided to try a few weeks of it and see if she still has the horse fever. Oh, what have we gotten into?!?!

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