Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten

Last Wednesday, August 13, 2014, Helen Grace began Kindergarten at SAA with Mrs. Mungle and Mrs. Aviotti. She started with a half day on Wednesday and then a full day on Friday. She wasn’t nervous a bit and was really excited to get back to her buddies. Since she had been to Step Into SK camp with Mrs. Mungle in her room in the summertime, she was very comfortable with her first day. (And since Mrs. Mungle’s daughter, Mary Caroline, is also in SK and was on her soccer team this past spring, we’ve had some good time to get to know the family.)

When we arrived at school on Wednesday morning, she got a little shy and held my hand as she showed me around the room. When another girl, Ellis, arrived, she immediately warmed up, let go of my hand, and gave me a kiss goodbye. By Friday morning, she was asking to be dropped off in the car rider line! I had to run inside to drop off snacks though, so she didn’t get her wish. (When I was able to drop her off in line on Tuesday though, she had changed her tune. She was alright with my walking her to the outside door though. Good progress for both of us!)

This year will bring more homework, the beginning of spelling tests, and the new traditions of a class mystery bag and a snack store (to help them learn money). {Not to mention it’s the last co-ed year until 7th grade!} In just the first few days, I’ve seen her start writing her name with upper and lower case letters and understanding coin money and new sight words. I can’t wait to see what knowledge and fun this year will bring!

2014-08-13 06.57.40 CF6C4781CF6C4773 CF6C4778 The only pic she’d let me take inside2014-08-13 07.54.54 Give me back my girl!!!!2014-08-13 11.13.55

We stopped by to see Grandma after her first day.2014-08-13 12.57.09 And then she asked to paint, so she made this unicorn masterpiece.2014-08-13 14.27.07 She decorated her SK binder, and I am in love with this self portrait. Her blue dress is her school uniform, and she’s proud of her blue eyes and long golden hair.2014-08-13 16.23.18

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