Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Toohig Tidbits

I apologize for the blog hiatus- it’s been a wild ride around here lately! For HG’s fall break, we headed to Chicago for a long weekend, and then I turned around and went to Nashville for work training and just got back today. Over the next few days, I’ll try to catch you up on our lives.

When HG woke up one morning, I asked her what she had dreamed about, and she said she was counting. I asked her, “In French?” She responded, “No, in England.”

Pink & Purple Day at schoolclass- pink and purple Red Day at schoolclass- red day Pink Day at dance to celebrate the fight against cancer- see HG in two pics in the top left cornerdance- pink Yeehaw at Colton’scoltons While I was out of town for training (during the last bit of her fall break), HG spent a night with GD and Spiffer. She was insistent that she was going to catch a cricket at their house, and with a stroke of genius, GD made a quick trip to PetSmart and bought a ton of crickets. The girl was on cloud nine, only made better by their making her s’mores as well. Happy girl.crickets and smores Visiting a pumpkin patch with GD and SpifferP10404912013-10-12 17.15.48When I got back from training, I picked her up from school, and we celebrated by picking out a big ole pumpkin to make into a jack o’lantern. She asked me to take this picture of her on the haybales, and she was tickled pink to have the pumpkin ride home buckled in next to her.2013-10-23 14.20.06 2013-10-23 14.23.07

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