Friday, October 11, 2013

Toohig Tidbits

In a soccer game last week, we noticed her crying a bit. We thought she was upset about her hair because she kept messing with it, but it turns out that she was upset she didn’t get to kick the ball at the center of the field- I wasn’t prepared for that!

On Wednesday morning, she woke up hacking and had a low grade fever, and since this is about the time last year that we ended up in the hospital, I decided that I needed to take her on to the doctor’s office. She melted into a puddle in the floor, crying because she didn’t want to miss school. In true Toohig-luck fashion, her fever was gone by the time we got there, and the doctor said her chest was clear. So we surprised her with her flu shot and headed back to school in time for their trip to the Distance Learning Center for a movie on senses and then a trip to the library. I didn’t have to hold her down for her shot this year- I only had to hold her hand from grabbing the shot, and she sobbed like a baby. She refused any medicine afterward but was really proud of her Band-Aid- she ran right into her classroom and showed all the boys her flu shot!

At dinner the other night, Peg said something about “all five feet of her getting down out of the chair.” Helen Grace didn’t even seem to be paying attention, but she piped up with, “Peggy, you only have two feet.”

Her curiosity knows no end. Within 24 hours, we looked up videos on my phone to learn how tectonic plates work, how fish breathe out of gills, and how astronauts move in zero gravity.

HG filled up her second sticker chart at school last week and went back to the surprise/ treasure box. This time she chose a teddy bear. Much better than the frog from last time. Mama was happy to help her celebrate with a Muddy’s cupcake. As I stood at the counter to order and she saved us a seat on the couch by the door, she kept hollering, “Chocolate, Mama, chocolate!,” just to make sure I remembered what she wanted. 2013-10-03 15.07.03 We found this chalkboard in the bathroom at Muddy’s. “What are you thankful for?”2013-10-03 15.21.56 While I went to baby shower on Saturday morning, HG and John went to the zoo.2013-10-05 12.20.19 HDR Celebrating Frankie’s third birthday with a cowgirl party2013-10-05 15.50.16 2013-10-05 16.35.59 2013-10-05 16.36.10For her second show and tell day, she chose to take Belt, the sloth from “The Croods,” which has been an overnight hit.2013-10-08 07.09.02 We took some family pics in a cotton field this past weekend with Lisa Chapman. Here’s a sneak peak…2013-10-06 18.29.20We met the Hudson kiddos at the park after school this week.2013-10-08 16.14.13 2013-10-08 15.52.08 2013-10-08 16.09.31And then we headed back to school for Family Night.  2013-10-08 17.36.36 2013-10-08 17.38.13After dance class on Wednesday, we met Grandma and Peggy for dinner and ice cream.2013-10-09 18.33.19-2Friday was Black and Blue day at school.15697139

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