Thursday, October 10, 2013

Afternoon with AMC

Last Wednesday, Emily had a meeting to go to in Oxford, so she dropped Ann Maxwell off at our house so that the girls could ride together to dance class. Granddaddy and Spiffer had picked up HG at school, and Ann Maxwell and I were at home waiting on her. When she arrived, she came running in like a crazy lady, and we soon got to see an amazing concert! We headed off to dance class and then drove through Chick-fil-A afterward for dinner. The girls chowed down and then headed to the tub for a bubble bath. HG was so excited to have a friend to entertain her in the tub, and so was I!!!! The only way I got them out of the bath was to bribe them with warm sugar cookies right out of the oven. What a fun afternoon! And by the way, I have a whole new appreciation for mamas of two kids and trying to keep everyone all together outside of the house- I was exhausted!

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