Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday

angel1Caught by Daddynap1 At Target with Grandma, HG found a ‘Best Friends’ necklace and bought it for her BFF, Ann Maxwell.BFF HG and I met Amy and Emsley for an impromptu girls lunch the other day.005014

Dentist Trip #2


Today, Helen Grace went back to the dentist for her second ever check up. Last summer for her initial appointment, she was very hesitant (understandably), let them brush with a normal toothbrush, and that was enough. That was fine though because they just wanted to get her comfortable with the place, people, and process. To prepare for this second visit, we’ve been reading a book about the dentist, and she didn’t seem nervous at all, although she wasn’t jumping up and down to go. When we arrived, she ran right into the playroom, and when they called her name, she took off to the back of the office to check it all out. She climbed right up on the bench and let the hygenist do the whole gamut- floss, “kiss” the suction straw, and brush with the “tickling” brush (she chose bubble gum toothpaste). She was SO excited to pick out a paddle ball game from the prize trunk afterward. I am so relieved that she was such a big girl! Of course, we had to celebrate with a strawberry cupcake and lunch with Bubba and Granddaddy.

Delta Gam & Fam

Last Friday, Bubba, Helen Grace, and I took a quick road trip to Oxford so that I could meet with my DG officers and then see Mere Mere for lunch. Helen Grace has taken to walking into the DG house and promptly kicking her shoes off. {shaking my head} She and Bubba entertained themselves with HG’s baby doll and a few tours of the whole house, and then we met Meredith at Newk’s for a rainy day lunch. On the way out of town, we remembered that the baby doll didn’t make it back in the car, so back to the Deeg we went!oxford1 oxford2 oxford3

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Toohig Tidbits: Part 2

According to Helen Grace, she doesn’t want to have babies anytime soon because, “Babies are boring to watch. They are a lot of work. You gotta feed them and clean them, and they cry.”

Her rebuttal to *everything* we say is “’cept.” And when I say everything, I mean everything. “’Cept I don’t want to go. ‘Cept I need to brush my teeth. ‘Cept I’m not ready yet. ‘Cept I need to finish this show.”

At Granddaddy and Spiffer’s the other day, she walked in the den and asked GD to put some “rock ‘n roll” on the tv and then proceeded to have a big dance party.

She is saying the most grown up phrases… “You’ve lost your mind!” “You can’t get that song out of your head, can you?”

When she was in the bathtub one night, she looked at me and said, “Why you gotta be so bossy, Mama??” I responded that it was my job to keep her clean, fed, and rested, to which she told me that she didn’t need to take a bath, eat, or sleep. Riiiiight.

She’s been calling kangaroos ‘hop-a-roos’ lately.

When she spent the night at Granddaddy and Spiffer’s last weekend, she kept them in stitches.

  • To GD, “’You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit.’ I learned that at school.”
  • To Spiffer, “That’s my good girl!”
  • To Spiffer about her baby doll, “I’m starting to cry happy tears. She’s getting so big I can’t even hold her.”

One morning on the way to Grandma’s, John was aggravating her, and she yelled at him, “When we get to Grandma’s, you need to go to the bathroom and get a spanking!”

Getting out of the car at a birthday party, I told her she better not take that bad attitude to the party with her. She responded, “It goes with me, Mama.”

She can now take her own shirt off, so she is completely self sufficient when it comes to getting dressed, from head to toe.

I told her to stop growing, she’s getting too big. She said, “No, Mommy! God does me that way!”

We’ve had her first mean kid incident at school- a boy pulling her hair and saying he didn’t want to play with her on the playground. She didn’t even mention it for a day or so until she got upset about something else, and then all the tears came out. “Mommy, you weren’t there to tell him to be sweet! I was all by myself, and no one wanted to play with me.” I was utterly heartbroken- the first time someone else has really hurt her feelings and made her cry- and I {irrationally} wanted to do nothing but  kick the kid in the face. Her main teacher wasn’t there that day, and the assistant teacher didn’t comfort her/respond like her teacher probably would have. And to further complicate the matter, poor Helen Grace has had a myriad of responses from ‘her people.’ Grandma saying that he probably just thought her hair was pretty and wanted to touch it. Just say ‘No, don’t do that!’ very loudly and go tell the teacher. I told her that she didn’t have to deal with mean people and just tell him to stop and walk away like it didn’t bother her. And her daddy told her to punch him square in the face. What are we going to do with him?!??! Or HER if she follows her daddy’s plan of action?!?! Let’s hope this was an isolated incident because this mama’s heart can’t take it!

Daddy helping her perfect her Angry Birds skillsangry birdsWe were boring her at brunch, so she took my phone and entertained herself.bored This is what happens when you fight a nap until dinnertime. She passed out in the car, and I was able to transport her to the couch. She luckily still went to sleep at a decent time.late napSee food! Be careful what you ask for when you ask what she’s eating!see food This is the face I got when I told her last week that we were having lunch with Lawson. This was after she jumped up and down for a few minutes.lawson faceAwww, won’t this be so cute at their rehearsal dinner one day?!lawson date Look who ENJOYED her first haircut! I had to promise that she would still have long hair like ‘Punzel.haircut1.1 She got up into the chair willingly, let Danielle put the cape on, spray it, and even straighten it a bit- although she startled at the heat at first. Can’t hurt that she got to look in a mirror the whole time. She’s never met a mirror she didn’t like!haircut1 haircut2 She had a slumber party at Spiffer and Granddaddy’s last Friday night, and Mama and Daddy got to see a movie and SLEEP. It was really nice for us to recharge, and this girl got even more spoiled with a movie night of her own- princess sleeping bag, popcorn, and Cinderella 2& 3!slumber party On Saturday, we had a princess party for Daily, and since I got the time wrong somehow, we showed up two hours early. HG might have a future in party planning because she helped Brandy and I decorate the cake, stuff the  balloon pinatas, and get the place together- all during her normal naptime and without any breakdowns! The REAL Princess Belle (said with at least 2 or 3 syllables by Princess HG) came to the party- can you believe it?!princess party She even stayed awake through a family dinner at Newk’s and trip to Gracie Bleu, with minimal toddler moments. The wear was starting to show though.gma hugLate one night this weekend, as John came downstairs from his office to our bedroom, he discovered this pile of abandoned animals and a trail to our room.bottom of stairsFamily dinner fun at Colton’s. This balloon lady seems to be everywhere we eat in OB!coltons

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gym Meet

Our little cousin, Hastings, had her first competitive gymnastics meet, Blues & BBQ, this past Friday night at Cook Convention Center. Of course, Helen Grace was over the moon about going to see all the gymnasts perform. It was icing on the cake that Grace Ann came in town for it as well. Hayes, Hastings, AND Grace Ann was almost more excitement than she could handle!

Hanley explaining how things work at a meet.IMG_3486 Hastings’ cheering section- Hayes, GA, HGIMG_3491 Amazing vault…IMG_3492 …and beam! IMG_3500HG wouldn’t let Hayes or GA go anywhere without her.IMG_3496 I’m sure they were talking about something very important.IMG_3497IMG_3504

On Saturday, we all met at Spiffer and Granddaddy’s to play a bit before the Jackson crowd had to head back. I love watching these cousins have so much fun together!

Playing the cupcake board gameP1030258 Having a snackP1030260 Fishing with sticksP1030262 Creating a paradeP1030267 P1030268

Rowdy Toddler Crowd

While the Mullins family was in town over the holidays, the little people in our crew had a great- and rowdy- time, everywhere we went!

thomas and isaiahsoccer budsIMG_3463texas visit

Monday, January 14, 2013

Toohig Tidbits

I’m so sorry to have been MIA lately. I’ve reverted to my DG officer days and have been pulling some serious work hours getting ready for initiation coming up in February. And this past weekend, I finally made some effort to wash a mound of dirty clothes and take some Christmas decorations down. Don’t judge me if my tree’s still up on Valentine’s Day! I might not have been blogging, but not to worry- I have been taking pictures!

Precious baby bluesblue-insta She’s got a drama queen on our hands…here’s our little actress singing “Tomorrow.” At the very end, there was a very dramatic, deep bow, although I was a bit premature in letting go of ‘record.’

Happy 5th birthday to Haney! We celebrated with a carnival, complete with balloon animals and a magician.haney1 haney2 Two peas in a technology podmama & hg phones Just make yourself comfortable. She literally took a two hour nap squirreled up in this corner.nap She’s not spoiled or anything. Making herself at home at Granddaddy and Spiffer’sspoiledIce skating open house. She did very well and even let go of Daddy’s hand a bit, but she eventually decided that she’d rather wait and ice skate at birthday parties instead of taking lessons. “Maybe when I’m a big girl.”IMG_3508 Spending a fun Saturday night with Baby Addisonaddison IMG_3512 IMG_3513 And Manning too!IMG_3514{Back in April 2010}IMG_0155