Monday, May 30, 2011

Spif’s Retirement

Last week we celebrated Spif’s retirement from DeSoto County Schools, and I was brought to tears by her teachers’ and friends’ support of and love for her. She has served in virtually every possible position, both in the schools and at the county office. She has served as a teacher, guidance counselor, assistant principal and most recently principal at Greenbrook Elementary. She worked at the county office for several years, developing the Kindergarten program for DeSoto County and working with Title I. Now that I am a mom and understand what a challenge it can be, I value even more her ability to be both a mother and a professional. She managed the balance beautifully and set a great example for me to follow. I was so grateful to see the Superintendent’s gratitude for her years of hard work, and I loved seeing all of her teacher friends from over the years there to cheer her on. We are so proud of you, Spif, and Helen Grace and I can’t wait to play with you even more now!

IMG_9533 CIMG8638 CIMG8641IMG_9501 IMG_9510 IMG_9595 IMG_9618 IMG_9623 IMG_9624 IMG_9625

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Birthday Tea Party

After a three hour nap following Pump It Up, we headed over to Grandma’s to celebrate Spif’s retirement. Helen Grace hosted us for a tea party on the patio, and we all sipped our “tea” while she opened her presents. What a fun end to the day!

P1000739 CIMG8740 CIMG8743 P1000741 CIMG8744 Listening to an audio book from BubbaCIMG8750P1000752 P1000755CIMG8758

Grandma and Helen Grace walked over to see Teddy and Nini after our tea party, and I caught this cute video as they came back over to Grandma’s. You would have thought that I hadn’t see her in a few days!

Pump It Up!

Wow, to say that Helen Grace enjoyed her birthday party is an understatement. The child went bonkers for Pump It Up, and she had a blast sliding, climbing, and jumping with her friends and cousins. She is fearless and tried everything, and this time she was finally worn out enough by the time that the food was ready that we didn’t have a meltdown as we left the jumpy room. Whew! She was still too shy to enjoy the singing of the birthday song or blowing out candles, but she had no problem indulging in cake, ice cream, and cookies. :)  Thanks to all that celebrated with us!

HG and Lilly getting things started.CIMG8690 Callum joins the fun.CIMG8691 Even the daddies got involved- and sweaty!CIMG8702 Love this one with all the grandmas and great grandma looking on.P1000609 I got to slide with the Thomas girls..P1000643 Even Grandma joined in for some jumpy!P1000647 Leighton and AdickesCIMG8699CIMG8701 HG had to help Courtlyn get started up the rock wall.IMG_1126 This is where Daddy spent most of the party- inside the obstacle course, boosting little ones over the tall climbing wall.CIMG8709 GriffinIMG_1147 Worth and HanleyIMG_1150 Grace AnnIMG_1153 CourtlynIMG_1155 Haney, the dare devilIMG_1157Even Elliott got to come!CIMG8715 Emily and Ann MaxwellCIMG8717 Reba and Whitney were cheering on their girlsCIMG8724 Some love for GrandmaCIMG8725 P1000698 P1000699 CIMG8712 Still no interest in blowing out the candlesIMG_1173 IMG_1174 IMG_1175 CIMG8731 CIMG8737 Chickens and HensP1000726Betsy and RobbyeIMG_1182 Crazy cousinsIMG_1221 photo CIMG8738 CIMG8739cookie

This was the first slide when we arrived at Pump It Up…

And some other videos from the party…