Friday, July 30, 2010

Share the Weight

As much as we all want to close our eyes, put our fingers in our ears, and sing ‘la la la’ as loud as we can, miscarriages happen every day to many people that we all know and love.

When I experienced a miscarriage before Helen Grace, I wanted more than anything to know that even though it lived in my body for just a few weeks, my baby had long lasting ‘weight’ in this world. As silly as it seemed at the time, I wanted to have something that I could have on me at all times to feel that weight and remember. I found a necklace with angel wings that gave me a lot of comfort, and I still wear it often. I have recently come across another one that was designed in memory of Aubrey Caroline (if any of you follow her mom’s Bring the Rain blog).

Unfortunately, several of my dear friends have lost babies recently. As I shared my story about my angel wings with one of them, I realized how wearing a piece of jewelry in memory might not be so silly after all. In an effort to help those out of you there that are going through the same thing, I wanted to share these necklaces with you. I hope that one of them will also surround you with warmth, love, and comfort and remind you that your baby had weight to all of those who love you and those of us that have been through the same experience.

image“At Dogeared we see grace as a tiny chain, a pair of angel wings to remind you that someone is watching over you, and a heart to keep you grateful for it.”


“Some lives, though short, profoundly change the world and leave a mark on our hearts.  For moms who have lost a child, their hearts are forever marked by love.  this beautiful necklace was created in collaboration with angie smith {bring the rain} who lost her baby girl, audrey caroline.”

My Little Sunflower

After her two-hour morning nap (what?! yay!!), Helen Grace and I set off on a mission. We had a ton of errands to run, but one of the fun tasks was to check out the sunflowers we saw on Callum’s blog. His mama took pics of him in front of them (just south of the Agricenter on Gtown Pkwy) and he was pretty dang cute, so off we went to find them for ourselves!

First though, since we were so close (wink, wink), I had to check out the Kids Town consignment sale. I have never been a good ‘digger’ at sales, but I convinced myself that in my older days I have gotten very frugal and that it would be worth it…nope, I’m still not a digger! Well, it could have had something to do with my squirmy sidekick, but we quickly found a few cute dresses for next summer and headed to the sunflowers.

Isn’t she a cutie?! CIMG5720CIMG5720

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day of Leisure

Helen Grace and I actually had a laidback day today with just a few quick errands with Granddaddy and then playing around the house. Love these days of summer!

Going for a rideCIMG5704CIMG5706  Yummm!CIMG5711Checking out the latest edition of the AnchoraCIMG5716

Monday, July 26, 2010

Little White Dress

After seeing the pics that my friend Cassie took from Helen Grace’s one-year session back in June, I just had to have more, especially in this little white dress that I treated myself to at the Women’s Exchange. She was tired by the time we got to this outfit in our last shoot, and I had my heart set on having more pics of her in it, just in case we ever need a fancy oil painting of her one-year portrait in our grown-up formal dining room one day. (Can you tell I am a worrier?) Wow, Cassie has outdone herself again, and I am so glad she captured these moments!

197_edited-1 210_edited-1 215_edited-1 228_edited-1 250_edited-1 272_edited-1 280_edited-1 295_edited-1 301_edited-1 308_edited-1 327_edited-1 352_edited1-1 354_edited-1

Tidbits from our 14-Month Old

In honor of Helen Grace’s 14-month birthday yesterday, let me share some things she’s been up to lately.

Friday afternoon, Helen Grace got to experience her first trip to Hairlines for a highlight- my hair, not hers, for the record. What a momentous event! I just needed a little section fixed, so she sat in my lap while Jan highlighted one little area. She just stared at that foil, wrinkled her forehead, and tried to snuggle closer to me. She was so confused!

She has learned how to give sherberts now. We were all sitting on the couch the other day, and she gave me a kiss on my leg. That was all her daddy needed to teach her how to give a sherbert. After a few tries, she caught on, and she just cracked herself up at how funny that sound was!

Helen Grace loves to put on flip flops. She can even get the right toes between the thong. Grandma found some flip flops that are just her size since she was frustrated that she couldn’t walk around in grown-ups’ flip flops.

John and I often make a “baby sandwich,” where we put her in the middle of us and give her a big hug. Now, anytime she sees us hug, she runs over to us, clings on our legs, and squeals until we put her in between us. Very cute!

Tonight, as we were getting her ready for bed, I said, “HG, where is your toothbrush?” She gives me that “I don’t know” shrug and then points to the top of the bookcase…where I keep her toothpaste. And I thought that I had been able to keep its location a secret- silly me! She loves the toothpaste so much and throws a huge fit when she sees it because she wants the whole tube. Apparently, she is a LOT smarter than I gave her credit for, and she knows exactly where the toothpaste and often the toothbrush is. Watch out!

She demands to go up and down stairs- will not be carried on them anymore. Note to self:  Buy a one-story house next time.

Now that she is running around so much, that little pitter patter of her feet truly brings tears to my eyes at times. I have always looked forward to that sound and experience of parenthood, but you just can’t adequately understand the joy of it until it’s your baby’s feet and huge proud smile running toward you and making that noise. Sniff, sniff.

Displaying her stair stepping ability at her friends’ first birthday party…Happy Birthday, Abigail and Connor!stairstwins bday


This weekend was a blur, filled with friends and family.

On Saturday, John took Helen Grace to soccer practice early that morning, and she helped the girls with their leg lifts and lunges. Then, we went to Bubba’s for lunch to see Uncle Rod and my cousin, Meredith, who were in town from Florida. (Poor Aunt Sharon was stuck at home with chicken pox- boo!) We later went over to the Browns for a pool party, and then met some friends for a dinner date.

Sunday brought a sweet friend’s christening party, and then we went over to see the family again at Bubba’s. We came home for a short attempt at a nap, and when that didn’t work out, we headed out to see Daddy play soccer.

Whew, makes me tired just writing about it, but we really had a great time visiting with everyone!

Saturday:  She’s doublefisted…Lovie and BearyCIMG5664 Still won’t let goCIMG5669 At Bubba’s house, she found a rocking chair that was just her size.CIMG5672 And she had to show cousin Meredith all of the contents of her diaper bag.CIMG5673

Taking a walk down Bubba’s driveway in her new squeaker shoesCIMG5675 CIMG5676 A-dorableCIMG5677 Walking over to the Brown’s house for a pool partyCIMG5681 Chilling poolsideCIMG5688Saying hello to Baby IsaiahCIMG5690Sunday:  She found the rocker againCIMG5698 CIMG5700 William and the ladiesCIMG5701

Goodbye to Kindermusik

I am sad to share that I believe it’s time to say goodbye to Kindermusik. We have loved it dearly, but it’s getting more and more difficult to keep Helen Grace entertained because she doesn’t want to sit still. She likes to wander around during class, so I think Little Gym will keep her more focused and occupied while teaching her coordination, as well as the music that she loves. We’ll give Little Gym a try for the fall and see what we think. Bubba and Granddaddy came to our last class with us on Friday. We will miss Ms. Karen and our buddies dearly!

Playing at Spif and Granddadddy’s with Mama’s old baby dollSAM_0539 Our last Kindermusik…she’s wearing a dress handmade by Ms. Jessica, Callum’s mama. She is now in business, so let me know if you would like to check out her collection!SAM_0543 SAM_0546 SAM_0548 SAM_0550 Of course, she had to carry Bubba’s purse.SAM_0551 SAM_0552

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Birthday Boys

Today we celebrated Tyler and Porter’s first birthdays at the sprinkler park! Last time we went there, Helen Grace was just barely walking and not really fond of letting go of my hand. A month makes a pretty huge difference at this stage, so she was OFF like a flash of lightning when I put her down, right toward the sprinklers or the lake- she was interested in exploring both. :) We had such a good time playing with our friends, and with the heat, none of us mamas really minded getting wet. After the kiddos wore themselves out, we spread out a picnic on blankets in the shade. Great friends and great fellowship.

CIMG5635 CIMG5636 CIMG5639 CIMG5640 Playing with AlainaCIMG5642 Hey!CIMG5645 The birthday boys- Porter and TylerCIMG5646 CallumCIMG5647 CIMG5648 Alaina, HG, and CarolineCIMG5651 Camille and EmsleyCIMG5654 DrewCIMG5656 Caroline is on the move!CIMG5658 CIMG5659 Snack time…they’ve worked up quite an appetite!CIMG5660 Baby blue eyesCIMG5661 CIMG5662 Eryn and HGCIMG5663

As we left the sprinkler park, I drove through Chick-fil-A for a quick lunch on the go. When I passed back some fruit to Helen Grace, she shocked me by shaking her head no. Umm, excuse me? When did that happen? I noticed her doing it yesterday but not at appropriate times or in context. Today, she has shaken her head several times as I’ve asked her questions. This is blowing my mind!

Last night, I took some video of her running to me. She is so cute and cuddly…I could eat her up! I still can’t get her to show her kiss on camera, but I finally got her showing you her belly button.