Thursday, June 1, 2017

HGT: Second Grade Awards

We received a secret invitation from Mrs. Barker to the second grade awards ceremony. HG would be receiving one of the top two awards for her class, so her family was invited to attend but couldn’t spill the beans. Man, it was a long week until the ceremony!

On May 11th, we hid in the school office until her class sat down in the chapel, and then we snuck in the back row, along with the Fiks. She saw us there at that point and was like, ‘what are you doing here?!’

Each child received an award named after a saint, and the dean said a few special words about each child and honor. It was really sweet! HG was given the St. Jonathan Award, which was designated for ‘sharing your love by being a good friend to everyone.’ At the end of the service, the dean described the Dominican Spirit Award which is given to a student who demonstrates the four pillars of the Dominican tradition: prayer, service, study, and community. HG was so surprised to hear her name called and glowed from ear to ear. She also received the Presidential Youth Fitness Award, which made her daddy awfully proud and her mama so impressed since I almost failed 8th grade PE because of my lackluster volleyball skills!

We couldn’t be more proud of our girl for being a great friend to her classmates, being a leader in spirituality and in her ‘community,’ and for working SO HARD in the classroom this year. We always think she is pure awesomeness, but it’s so rewarding for someone else to see and acknowledge your child’s efforts as well.

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