Thursday, June 8, 2017

HGT Birthday Celebrations

We celebrated HG’s birthday for a week. She celebrated at school on May 24th, the last full day of school, and I brought a book to read to the class and a cookie cake to share at lunch. She surprised me by taking the book out of my hand and reading it to her class herself!
On her actual birthday, Thursday the 25th, she started the day opening presents with John and me, got out of school at lunchtime, opening presents from GD and Spiffer, eating dinner and cupcakes with most of her Moore family at Seafood Junction, and then falling asleep in mama’s bed.
Friday brought her big joint April & May birthdays party with SAA friends at Bass Pro Shop, but I’ll do a separate post for that one.
Finally, that following Monday (Memorial Day), we celebrated at the Browns poolside with one last cake. Whew!
We sure love our birthday girl!
Reading Mister Seahorse to her class, with a LOT of animation I might add
2017-05-24 12.04.03
2017-05-24 12.12.12
2017-05-24 12.18.32
2017-05-24 12.48.06
2017-05-24 12.48.33
2017-05-24 12.48.54
About to see GD and Spiffer’s gift (American Girl diner) set up in her playroom…but not before lipstick kisses!
2017-05-24 13.32.56
2017-05-24 13.33.43
2017-05-24 14.03.34-2
2017-05-24 16.53.36
Actual birthday morning
2017-05-25 06.05.18
2017-05-25 06.09.16
2017-05-25 06.10.22
2017-05-25 06.11.02
Just a little excited about a new bike (BRIGHT pink and purple with a tye died helmet)
2017-05-25 06.15.58
Birthday dinner at Seafood Junction
2017-05-25 18.38.12-1
2017-05-25 19.19.15-1
2017-05-25 19.21.29
2017-05-25 20.15.48
Look at these sweet cuddles
2017-05-25 20.32.11
2017-05-25 20.32.15
Actual actual birthday at 9:21 p.m. (she asked me to take a pic)
2017-05-25 21.21.33
Memorial Day celebration (fitting since she was born on the actual holiday)
2017-05-29 14.50.03
2017-05-29 14.52.23 HDR

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