Tuesday, June 13, 2017

CMT: 14 Months

WALKING- She’s been taking a handful of steps at a time (first steps on May 19th), but on June 12th, she took off. Walking for 30 seconds at a time, all the way across rooms. And Sissy is just as excited as we are to cheer her on.

Shoes! Today, June 13th, Cressey was invited to SAA’s ECC to see a petting zoo. Since she started walking so well last night, I knew she’d want to get out of my arms, so I plied her with Chick-fil-A in the back of my car. While she was distracted with a chicken mini, I shoved the shoes on her feet, and then I swooped her up to the petting zoo and she DIDN’T freak out! She walked all over that place. Now it was just one time, but we are encouraged!

Teething- On May 16th, we saw a bottom right molar poking through. On May 30th, we saw the top right molar sticking out. By June 9th, we could see all of bottom molar on her right and tips of her right top and left top molars.

Binky- Her original purple bunny paci has broken off from the inside part of the paci, and sadly, she’s dropped it like a bad habit. She’s moved on to her back up binky- the white bunny paci. Still not really attached to any other lovey. She’ll cuddle up in her bed with some other animals, but she doesn’t insist on taking them out of the bed with her.

She HATES for HG to pick her up or pull her on top of her. She needs to be in control of herself at all times, and she’ll quickly remind you of that.

Fascinated with light switches

Will help clean up her food off her tray sometimes. Likes to put things in bowls.

Wants to sit down next to me in the chair like a big girl.

I spend a lot of time saying, “Sit DOWN. On your bottom. Sit down.”

When she bonks her head, she’ll rub it.

She can't figure out her naps. She'll always sleep for 2ish hours from 10-12, but if she sleeps again around 3, she won't go to bed until 9. If we keep her awake, she crashes and burns by 6:30 (and it's ugly). There's no easy answer.

She doesn’t ‘get’ her force yet, so I also say, “Sweet hands; be gentle,” a lot.

Wants to eat whatever you’re eating. Will beg at your chair at the table. Don’t make eye contact or your food is hers! Love how she blows on hot food. She is obsessed with scrambled eggs, and HG has now learned how to cook them herself (although she'll only eat a bite or two herself).

She loves Eskimo kisses at bedtime. After I lay her in the bed, she’ll often starting shaking her head like ‘no,’ but it’s her sending me a long distance kiss. I’ll shake back, and she’ll belly laugh.

She’s much more lovey now. She doesn’t get far from me, and she will often come crawling quickly/ walking to my leg and hang on tight, wanting me to pick her up. She wants to be on my hip and seeing everything. It’s the end of the world if you walk past her and don’t pick her up. She will push her face into your lap like a hug (not just wiping her face on your leg).

Kitties don’t run as much as they used to. Maybe they are brave or maybe she’s sweeter to them.

On May 28th, she held her bottle for herself. She is often interested but can’t seem to remember to hold it up high to get the milk to her.

Talking more- By June 11th (at the Hasseltines’ house), we were clearly hearing, “Sissy,” a version of “Helen Grace” (sounds like a mumble and then ‘gace’), “heeey,” “what’s that?”

On June 9th, John was putting her to bed while HG and I were on a day trip to Little Rock. She was not happy and said “mama” twice, clear as a bell. First time she’s asked for me over him.

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