Monday, May 8, 2017

Family Wedding Shower

All the girls in the family celebrated the wedding of one of my second cousins, Carrie, with a beautiful shower at an art gallery in Holly Springs on April 23. We pulled together both sides of her mama’s family, across all generations, and we really had fun getting to see everyone again. The little girls ran wild, I mean “helped” with the guest book and punch, but most importantly, they had fun together. HG and Ella, her third cousin and Carrie’s niece, are close in age, and while they don’t see each other all that often, they jump right back in where they left off.

Carrie and Adam, we wish you a lifetime of laughter, health, and happiness!

August 2009: Ella and HG’s first meeting

ella catherine

October 2011


April 2017

2017-04-23 14.03.44-1

2017-04-23 14.07.56-1

2017-04-23 14.07.58

Darby was SUCH a big girl and very proud of her painted nails.

2017-04-23 14.25.15

2017-04-23 14.25.31

2017-04-23 14.31.52

The Moore aunts and hostesses

2017-04-23 14.50.36

All the little girls (minus the babies, MM and Cressey, who were napping at home with their daddies)

2017-04-23 15.15.42

The bride and her family

2017-04-23 15.21.23

2017-04-23 21.02.08

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