Sunday, April 9, 2017

Toohig Tidbits: March

I told HG that I knew she’d had to take on a lot more responsibility and maturity in being a big sister and that it hadn’t gone unnoticed. She responded, “I want to be good so that I can set a good example for Cressey.”

When we met the Schmitts for ice cream, Ryan had told his teacher that he had a date after school with a friend from his old school.

A loud motorcycle passed us on the way to Chattanooga when the window was open. She said, “I don’t think my heart is breathing right now!”

After Cressey did something she didn’t agree with, HG looked at me and said, “It’s about time we start spanking her.”

“That is classic!”

HG said, “Ooooh, I just love mama’s bed!” I asked, “What do you like so much about it?” “Mama!”

She and a friend were being competitive in the back seat, and I heard HG say, “Life isn’t about winning.”

I explained that her gymnastics class was over capacity, and she said, “That just means there is more love to pass around.”

I was trying to help HG get into her jumper one morning, and she acted offended that I thought she couldn’t do it herself. I said, “Baby, you know that everything mamas do is to make their babies’ lives easier, not to embarrass you or hurt you or bother you.” She snapped back, “Well, my life IS easy, and you DO embarrass me at home in front of my animals sometimes.”

“I don’t need to go to school; I’ve got the internet.”

As she watched a music video, she noticed the back up dancers and said, “They are saying bad words with their bodies!”

2017-03-05 12.07.16-1
2017-03-05 19.05.11
2017-03-06 16.14.27
2017-03-06 16.27.34-1
2017-03-06 16.28.26
2017-03-06 19.18.05

“Where’s your tongue?”
2017-03-07 18.23.44-1
Celebrating Mrs. Barker’s birthday
2017-03-08 13.12.12-1
I woke up early one morning to witness HG making her bed. I had to document since I’d never seen it done before.
2017-03-09 06.01.44
2017-03-09 06.40.56
Class picture day
2017-03-09 07.31.12 HDR
Visiting with the Schmitts
2017-03-09 16.24.20-1
2017-03-09 17.16.33
2017-03-09 17.27.55
2017-03-09 18.26.04
2017-03-09 18.26.37
2017-03-09 18.34.45
2017-03-14 19.10.19-2
Kissing that baby in the mirror
2017-03-15 08.32.32-1
First of many times of wanting to play with big sissy and her friends (Maddie)
2017-03-15 15.38.19
Spring Break pancakes at Stax with the Mattices
2017-03-16 10.48.13-1
2017-03-16 20.22.39
Checking out the Lego exhibit at the zoo
2017-03-17 15.38.31 HDR
2017-03-17 15.39.25-1
2017-03-17 16.09.26
2017-03-17 16.12.53
2017-03-17 16.20.38-1
2017-03-17 16.23.47
2017-03-17 16.36.21
Look at that sassy face
2017-03-17 16.45.05
2017-03-17 16.51.18
2017-03-19 16.47.46-2
2017-03-19 19.27.20
HG loves to sit at the front window with Cressey and ‘teach’ her things she sees outside
2017-03-22 17.26.43
2017-03-23 18.00.51
Getting moving at Kindermusik now
2017-03-24 11.44.23
Cress has befriended Delaney, and her brother came to this class too.
2017-03-24 11.47.27

Shoe shopping was a BUST.
2017-03-24 17.07.30
“Get away from my feet, woman!”
2017-03-24 17.10.27-2

She. Hates. Shoes.

2017-03-24 17.38.10
2017-03-24 21.25.07
One morning, I woke up to my breakfast waiting for me on the table.
2017-03-25 07.32.30
2017-03-25 09.06.52
2017-03-25 13.22.55
2017-03-25 13.39.39
2017-03-26 11.09.08
Walking the runway at the fashionista Tanseys’ birthday party
2017-03-26 15.21.29
2017-03-26 15.29.25
2017-03-27 10.45.21-2
2017-03-27 12.48.07-1
We can’t keep her with her crawling. She’s quick!
2017-03-27 18.25.17
She doesn’t often sit still and cuddle, but lately, she’s been slower to get up after she finishes her bottle. I relish those few minutes of cuddling. When she’s done, she’ll flip over and slide her feet to the ground.
2017-03-28 11.15.16
2017-03-28 11.20.04
Wearing sissy’s dress {HG April 2010, Cressey March 2017}
2017-03-28 13.35.08
Yurman’s youngest fan
2017-03-28 14.07.01
2017-03-28 13.18.23
Getting ready for sister’s bunny birthday party
2017-03-29 18.17.43
2017-03-29 18.25.26
Stepping out with Big Red
2017-03-30 12.58.14
HG and I thought this was much funnier than Cressey did.
2017-03-30 16.23.01
Showing everyone at Seafood Junction her tummy
2017-03-30 18.03.51
2017-03-30 19.12.36
2017-03-31 08.11.55
2017-03-31 10.36.21
Spellbound by Mrs. Karen’s guitar
2017-03-31 11.05.41
She is ALL OVER the place in Kindermusik now. Whole different kid.
2017-03-31 11.08.49

“Hey, Momo!”
2017-03-31 12.46.38
To satiate her climbing fervor, we found a place in Memphis with a great climbing wall. One Friday after school, we went to Bridges, and when she saw the wall at the end of the hall, she started running!
2017-03-31 17.46.50
2017-03-31 18.05.49-2
2017-03-31 18.22.10


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